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by garrett on January 26, 2012

Before traveling oversees with your kids, you will need to get applications rolling for childrens passports for each child. Every member of your family will need their own passport. It is not a difficult process but there are certain steps you need to follow to help make the application process flow smoothly.

Form DS-11

You will need to start with Form DS-11, which is the application for a U. S. Passport. You will need to submit your applications in person at an authorized facility. Most post offices are equipped to handle applications but check with your local office. When submitting the application, both parents and the child must be present.


Along with the application you will need to submit proof of US Citizenship for the child. There are very strict rules on what is an acceptable form of documentation. A birth certificate needs to be certified, which means it is an original with the registrar’s impression or multi-colored seal and also includes their signature. This will be returned to you when you receive your passports. If the child was born out of the country, a ‘Report of Birth Abroad’ can be presented in lieu of a certified birth certificate.

Evidence of Relationship

Parents must submit evidence of their relationship to the children. Having each parent named on the birth certificate or the ‘Report of Birth Abroad’ will satisfy this requirement. For single parents, you will need to submit a court order that proves you have custody of the child. Adoptive parents will have to provide a copy of the Adoption Decree that shows both of the adopting parents’ names.

Acceptable Documents

As parents, you will need to provide a photocopy of your personal ID. Acceptable forms of identification include your driver’s license, a valid passport, military ID, or, in the case of City, State or Federal employee, an Employee ID will be sufficient. Each individual application must have the necessary document copies attached.


There are two fees involved and they must be paid separately. The total cost for a child’s passport is one hundred and twenty dollars. The application fee is ninety-five dollars while the execution fee is another twenty-five dollars. You may be able to pay in cash if you have the exact amount or you can pay by personal check, money order or credit card. Not all acceptance facilities accept cash so you may want to check with the post office you plan to use.


The last thing you will need to complete your application packet is a passport photo. There are strict rules on what is acceptable so you may want to have a professional familiar with the requirements take the photos for you. Many post office facilities also offer a passport photo service.

You Must Sign In Person

Decide what location you are going to use for submission of your documents and inquire about their hours of operation. Make an appointment if they are available to help speed the process along. Once you have all the information gathered and your photocopies made, you are ready to submit your pass port renewal application. It is important to note that you are not to sign the application until in the presence of the acceptance agent.

Traveling abroad with your kids can be very exciting for the whole family. The time it takes to get your children’s passports will be well rewarded with the wonderful memories made during your travels. Don’t forget that even infants need passports, so get your infant passport as well. Once you have your US passport renewal in hand, you will be ready for the adventure and excitement of discovering the world.

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