The Brother HL 5140 Printer, The Meaning Of Efficiency

by erin on September 13, 2010

Getting the best bang for the dollar is the major focus of any business owner and American today as the economic crisis seems as though it will never go away. Getting the most out of office appliances increases the overall production of a company that deals with mass amounts of paperwork. A Brother HL 140 Printer is a great option for any sized business that needs this piece of machinery. Brother HL 5140 toner produces high quality images at a competitive price.

Just like in boxing and the sporting arena, speed is quality sought out by business owners when they are looking for new electronic equipment to outfit an office. Getting one of these styles of printer can be essential to maximizing business profits as it produces copies at the rate of 21 pages a minute. While this is not the fastest available on the market, it still is quite sufficient compared to other non-laser jet pieces of equipment.

Companies that only want network enabled printers will be hard pressed to find one that works as well and is as inexpensive as the Brother HL 5140 Printer. This variety of apparatus includes a 16 MB hard drive that is upgradeable to 144 MB, depending on the workload being assigned to it. This memory storage capability gives this machine the ability to read documents from multiple computers simultaneously.

Printing the best quality of words put on the page is also an added benefit to obtaining this specific style of printer. Brother HL 5140 toner allows all pages and documents to be printed with a high quality 2400 x 600 dpi. This creates a high resolution that makes each letter and different character clear as day. Remember, a printer that doesn’t produce legible writing is utterly worthless and should be avoided.

Because this piece of equipment is supposed to handle an office-sized workload, an added benefit to this machine is that it is compact but still can hold 250 pages. This makes refilling much less frequent allowing employees to concentrate more time on their workload. Its compact size also gives it the ability to take up small amounts of space, which can be useful in keeping a workstation organized.

Finally, the last benefit that anyone who looks into purchasing this machine will find is that it is very reasonably priced. They can run anywhere from the $175 to $250 range. They are also sold with a warranty that will ensure a limited time period of replacing any faulty machinery. This can be instrumental in the first year of use because machines with faulty parts tend to break down fast.

A Brother HL 5140 Printer is a great choice to add to an office because of the high volume of workload it can handle for its compact size and its high quality in printed resolution. The resolution is due in part by the HL Brother 5140 toner included in its original sale. This Brother HL toner is also available separately in case a business has the foresight to buy in bulk. This machine is a great addition to any business because it is cost effective way to boost profit margins.

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