How To Properly Use The Xerox Phaser 8550 Printer

by erin on August 27, 2010

Sometimes the printer can be the most misused computer accessory in the office. When it is not in use, people tend to place papers and other kinds of office equipment on it. These are some of the conditions that can cause your Xerox Phaser 8550 printer not to work properly. The following tips can help you make better use of your machine.

If you are not using your printer, consider turning it off in the right manner. Just plugging it from the computer or other machine can affect the quality of work it gives over time. Always take the time to switch it off when not in use and do not leave it on idle mode for long periods of time.

There are a few mistakes that appear on the print that can easily have you think that our machine is not working correctly. If you are not able to see the letters clearly or the print is smudged, turn it off gently and restart it. This is sure to solve such problems that happen from time to time.

It is wise to clean and wipe dirt from your printer while cleaning other parts of the computer. An accumulation of dirt and dust easily brings about common problems in your machine. To solve such faults, make sure that it is placed in a clean area. Place a dust cover on it when it is not in use. This prevents it from collecting dirt and debris.

To make sure that your machine works effectively at all times, be sure to use the right type of print paper. It is cheap and easy to use poor quality materials on your equipment but these are sure to cost you the machine over time. Find out all the brands and quality of paper you can use and select what is affordable and effective for your business.

It is important to watch the type of ink used with your printer. If you are not sure what you want to buy, it is wise to first consult with a technician. The reason is that there are different types of inks available in the market today. They also vary in quality which means using poor grade inks can affect your machine over time.

Some simple maintenance jobs such as replacing ink cartridges might seem daunting at first. You can consider learning how to do it to lower cost associated with paying outside help to carry out such functions. Be sure to learn other service jobs that pertains your machine. It allows you to take care of it properly without having to part with so much money.

If you are not keen on hiring a technician for such services, make it a practice to make sure that such duties are done without fail. If you miss out on changing the Xerox toners, you are sure to get poor service from the machine. These simple tips are sure to help you make better use of Xerox Phaser 8550 printer properly.

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