Internet Marketing- Key First Steps to Make Money With Internet Marketing

by on September 23, 2007

Marketing has been around as long as someone had something to sell. The Internet did not invent marketing, but has changed the way marketing approaches the way to sell products and services. The rules of marketing are still valid as a guide, as they are proven. Here are the Four First Steps in Making Money with using the Internet to market.

1. Make your offer stand out from the rest by targeting a specific market.

You should always know who your customer is or you will never be able to sell to them. Take time to seek out the people who are interested in what you are selling. There is always someone, somewhere looking for what you have to offer them. Coordinate your internet marketing campaign around your customer and what they are looking for. If your product is similar to others on the market find a way to set yourself above your competition and make yourself easier to find and more interesting to your customer. Capitalize on customer interests through creative means.

2. Get Appropriate Customers to Visit Your Site.

After you decide on your target market and identify your potential customers, the next step you must take is to decide how to drive these customers to your website. There are many options for doing so such as: search engines, networking groups, social networking sites, and pay-per-click advertising.

Enable creation of an subscription list from your own website

Once someone visits your website, make sure they will want to return. You could let them opt in to a mailing list via email, phone, or street address, so that you will know the person has given their permission to be contacted by you. This is a wonderful way to keep connections with customers so they will give you repeat business.

Visitors need to be converted into customers.

Discount items, use coupon codes, or ship for free to make sure that the targeted users that view your website prefer buying from you rather than a competitor.

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– Sean Milea

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