Johannesburg – One Of Africa’s Beautiful And Engaging Cities

by garrett on October 27, 2011

Johannesburg is the focal point of much of African culture and history, and it is not only the largest in South Africa, but also one of the most prosperous in all of South Africa. Because of this, it became a much-loved vacation spot. While it displays the appeal of other big city vacations, Johannesburg offers a little more, and if you are thinking of experiencing this city, you will need to get a passport first. If your passport is expired, an easy expedited passport renewal can be done online.

You Will Need A Passport To Get There

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The Apartheid Museum

So much of Africa’s history has been dominated by violence and oppression, cruelty and death. One way to experience this rough history is by visiting the famous Apartheid Museum. It’s powerful and sometimes shocking displays of information and photographs make it well-known in the area, and it’s definitely unlike any other museum around. If you are interested in art, visit the Johannesburg Art Gallery. It’s actually the largest gallery in Africa, but if contains artwork from all over the world. The South African Museum of Rock Art has an area called the Origins Centre that explores the origins of humans on Earth.

Lion Park

One thing you absolutely cannot miss out on while in the city is Lion Park. A unique sort of wildlife experience, visitors are able to pet lion cubs and feed towering giraffes. It’s not like a zoo where animals are kept in cages. Instead they run free, and you are able to take a tour (either with a guide or without) and get remarkably close to some of the fauna, including meerkats, zebras, and even full-grown lions.


Hand-made goods and authentic souvenirs can be purchased in the quaint neighborhood of Rosebank during the famed Sunday flea market. One of the things that makes this flea market so unique is the fact that it’s located on the roof of a mall (which is open seven days a week and not just on Sundays.) It’s a great place for people-watching and of course shopping, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Oriental Plaza is another favorite shopping spot, thanks to it’s 350 independently-owned stores where the owners are always ready to haggle on prices, which isn’t a widely-accepted practice in this region.


Another one of Johannesburg’s fun neighborhoods is Melville, an area particularly known for its artsy feel, eclectic stores, and cute restaurants. It’s a good place in which to spend a day exploring, eating good food,and taking in the sights.

So many people love visiting Johannesburg because of the amount of culture and history to explore and uncover. Be sure to double check to make sure your passport is valid and acceptable for travel. If you discover that it is expired, look into expedited passport renewal service. Even if you have another issue with your passport, like you need a passport name change, remember you can do that online as well.

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