Kratom Addiction Rising in South Florida

by AdamS on October 9, 2012

A potentially dangerous and addictive substance has gained a lot of popularity in South Florida recently and is causing many people in the area to need help with their addiction.  A natural and, at the moment, legal substance called kratom is gaining a lot of attention in the news lately.  Many places in South Florida that specialize in exotic teas and holistic beverages have started selling kratom tea to their patrons.  These patrons assume that the tea is good for them and not dangerous and they end up abusing the substance.  Most will need to get Florida addiction treatment when they start to feel intense withdrawal symptoms after drinking the tea.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant species that is native to Southeast Asia and is typically found in Indochina and Thailand.  The plant typically grows up to 30ft tall and 15 ft wide before it is cut down and used for its pharmaceutical properties.  Kratom contains many alkaloids, some of which share structural similarities with psychedelic drugs.  The plant is often used for its relaxing properties when administered in low doses.  However when taken in higher doses, the drug binds to opioid receptors in the brain and causes similar effects to those associated with harder drugs such as heroin.  In Thailand the drug has been made illegal after several of the Thai citizens were starting to abuse the drug when heroin became more expensive and harder to find.  However, the drug is not illegal in the United States and has found its way into South Florida.

Kratom Abuse in South Florida

Many unsuspecting people living in South Florida have begun developing an addiction to kratom after having been offered the substance at kava tea bars.  Most of these people have no idea that the tea they are drinking is potentially dangerous and addictive because they are getting it legally at established bars.  For people who have no idea what the effects of the drug are, it seems like just a harmless leaf that is used to make a stimulating tea.  Later when they start to experience withdrawals it is already too late.  More and more people in South Florida are becoming addicted to this substance and getting sick from withdrawals without even knowing that they are getting involved with a dangerous addictive substance.

Now that the substance has made its way into South Florida, more people need to be educated on the dangers of the drug.  Kratom is a legal, natural leaf that has been making a lot of waves in the area from places like kava tea shops that sell kratom tea without warning people of the potentially dangerous side effects of the substance.  Some experts believe that kratom can be as physically addictive as heroin if it’s taken in large doses.  Many people will need Florida addiction treatment if they abuse kratom.  Kratom should simply not be offered at bars without a disclaimer that it is a potentially addictive substance that can cause painful withdrawals.

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