Kyocera FS 1800DTN Plus – Give Your Office The Tools To Succeed

by adam on December 30, 2009

The Kyocera FS-1800DTN Plus printer is a laser printer designed to be part of your workgroup. This printer is affordable and small enough to fit in tight spaces. It makes an excellent choice for your business needs, being able to handle moderate printing needs easily.  The Kyocera FS-1800DTN Plus toner offers an exceptionally clean and crisp end product.
The printer processes the entire document at one time into its RAM and then prints your documents out from its own internal system. This allows you to print at engine speed, not the user end processor speed. It does not have to spool to your computer or use the printer software once it is in the memory, and the printer stores the information and prints from there so your computer does not slow down under your printing demands.

It offers fast printing speed and exceptional quality of documents and images. Printing is done at 18 pages per minute so you can print every document you need quickly and not have to wait for them. It also comes in 1,200 dpi resolution, so the documents are crystal clear. The printer does not print in color as this model is a gray scale printer only, which can limit some options you may have while printing.

It can easily handle all paper sizes, from legal and letter to odd sizes of postcards and labels. It can print on different weights of paper as well. The feeders can hold up to 500 sheets of paper so you have to fill them up less often. Additional trays can be bought to hold even more paper for all the printing you may do.

In addition to the legal and letter sizes that are the American standards, it can also hold the European A4 letter size. It can print easily onto A5 paper, which is roughly 5.83 by 8.75 inches.  This gives you a variety of options to print on for the vast amount of printing you may need to do. Even books can be printed on this laser printer using the B5 option.

The toner will print about 20,000 sheets before needing to be replaced. The toner is more affordable compared to others in its laser type class, and the company uses their Ecosys technology to separate the different components required for printing. The drum and developer is also replaceable with the standard of printing approximately 300,000 sheets before replacement. This technology allows you to replace only what you need instead of having to add to the waste by other components being of usable shape.

This is a wired network system and you will need to have every computer hardwired into it for use. It is capable of doing standard double sided printing with no loss to quality or speed. This printer does offer many fonts as well built in for usage.

While this printer has been discontinued, the Kyocera FS-1800DTN Plus toner and accessories are still available. It remains a force due to durability and the quality offered by Kyocera toner.  You will easily find replacement toner cartridges online.

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