Kyocera FS 1800T – A Great Office Workhorse

by adam on December 30, 2009

The Kyocera FS-1800T printer is an environmentally friendly printer that uses the company’s cartridge free Ecosys technology. The cost per page is lowered with this and the printer, using Kyocera FS-1800T toner, prints 16 ppm with a 1,200 dpi resolution. It is compact, saving valuable office space.
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Kyocera was the first company to develop a cartridge free laser printer system. This is a combination if ecology and system printing. This allows you to have a lower cost to print and operate your printer. The company is the lowest cost in printers of its class, largely due to the components being able to be replaced as needed, with toner separate from the drum, so you replace only what needs to be. The system portion means it is adaptable to any printing you may need to do, and can do a wide variety of these for any need you may have.

The printer is fast because it processes the file one time and stores it in the printer’s memory. This allows printing off the engine speed, and with the 200 MHz processor, the printing is lighting fast. It also lets you not be slowed down on your computer, so you can keep doing other tasks as the printing is running.

It has 16 MB RAM installed in the printer and it can be expanded up to 264 MB. There are two expansion slots for a DIMM 100 pin and for a PC card. This allows you to use the printer in many ways, for large or small prints jobs, and allows you to customize the amount of space you need for them within the printer.

The printer also includes Post Script support. It does language simulation for that and IBM X24Em PCL6 and EpsonLQ. This gives you the best in rastering images and fonts in any style language that you care to create the printing documents in and gives you the most options for font and graphic usage.

The feeder can hold a variety of paper, so you can leave it primed to print when you are ready. It holds legal and letter sizes and custom and other world standards, such as A4 and B5 paper sizes. Feeders can hold up to 500 sheets of paper, and print on envelops, cards and labels giving you convenience and versatility. There are accessory trays that allow you to hold more types and sizes, giving you more freedom to work and not have to keep supplying the printer paper.

The toner is readily available and prints up to 20,000 pages. This printer is designed for a medium print load regularly with the toner being the only portion of the consumables that needs to be replaced. This is the main reason this is the most affordable on the market with the cost per use and toner cost.

This Kyocera printer is a good office printer with the Kyocera FS-1800T toner allowing it to beautifully handle a variety of printing that needs to be done.  Quality Kyocera toner ensures there is virtually no reprinting needed due to bad pages.  Replacement printer toner is easy to find online with a few clicks of the mouse.

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