Kyocera FS-1800T Plus Toner Keeps Your Prints Popping

by erin on January 13, 2010

kyocera fs-1800T plusWhen a person is going to set up a home office, choosing a Kyocera FS-1800T Plus printer using Kyocera FS-1800T Plus toner or printer of similar quality will be an important choice. The needs and requirements of a person who has a home business are the same as those of an off-site small business.  The machine that is chosen must be able to provide the same level of quality and service as one would expect in any business environment.

There is often a problem of space availability when stocking a home office with the equipment and furniture that is required to work effectively. The printer that is selected must be sturdy and durable. It must also be appropriate for locating in the area of the room that will best meet the needs of the user.

In many cases, when a larger printer is chosen the area where the printer is located is below the desk or table where the computer’s hard drive is located. Therefore, choosing a printer that has a sealed compartment for paper is often an excellent and affordable idea.

The cost of toner for the printer will also be a consideration that may impact the overall cost of a printer. Most machines that are made for home use do not have toner cartridges made for home business use. While these printers may be less expensive than the larger business model, the cartridges are very expensive and make regular use cost prohibitive.

Selecting a printer that is designed for home business use will provide you with a larger toner cartridge designed to print up to 6,000 pages per cartridge. This would equal a little over a case of paper per cartridge. Even though these cartridges are more expensive than the smaller cartridges, the expense is quickly diminished when you calculate the cost of paper and the number of small cartridges needed to print over 6,000 sheets of paper.

When a printer is made for home use, it is not designed for the rigorous wear that will occur when a person is running a small business. When you are starting your business, you will be required to print cards, notices, envelopes, and other documents that may require the use of different weights and sizes of paper.

Printers made for office use are designed to easily accommodate paper with a weight up to 100 lb. This is an extremely heavy card stock. In addition, the printers can easily print small index cards, envelopes, and paper that is very light, such as rice paper.

Speed is very important when you are starting a home business that is dependent on your ability to get products to your clients in a timely manner. When you select your printer, it will be important to look at the pages per minute that are printed by the machine. On this Kyocera the PPM is 32 in black and white and 28 PPM for color printing. The first sheet will start printing within 9-11 seconds of your selecting the print command on your computer.

Overall savings will continue with Kyocera FS-1800T Plus toner.  Efficient operation and product seems to be a standard component of Kyocera toner.  It’s easy to obtain replacement toner online by a simple search.

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