Kyocera FS-3800DN Printer – Is It Time For A New Printer?

by garrett on December 17, 2009

A person who is looking for a black and white laser printer will want to take some time to research the many types of printer that are available. When looking at printers you will find that the Kyocera FS-3800DN printer has many features and options that make it a piece of equipment that should be included in the short list for adding to a home or office. The professional output offered by Kyocera FS-3800DN Printer toner is another mark in the plus column.

Many people find that having a black and white laser printer in addition to a color printer is cost effective in a home office. Cost for a printer is often one of the determining factors of selection when choosing a device for a home office. While many color printers are very affordable, the ink or toner required for color printers is often expensive

Adding a black and white laser printer to a home office saves money and time, as well as reduces the wear that a color printer must endure. In most cases, black and white printers are made for durability and cost savings. They are the workhorses of the printer world and are designed for heavy use.

When looking for a home office printer, you will want to look for a machine that is compatible with the operating system in your computer. Some of the printers have specific requirements for operating systems and memory. If the memory is not sufficient in the computer, the operation of the printer will slow down significantly.

A printer that is already equipped for networking and wireless usage will be very valuable if the printer is going to be in a home office. In many cases, the addition of printers requires that they be put in different areas in a room. With networking and wireless ability built in to the printer, you will have the versatility and flexibility that is needed for your business.

Checking the cost of toner and its capacity before deciding on the printer will also be helpful. A printer that uses toner that will be expensive to replace will not provide the long-term savings required to make it a wise investment. Knowing what the printing capacity of the toner cartridge is will give you the opportunity to calculate the cost per page for printing.

In an effort to reduce costs and create a more eco-friendly product many competitive manufacturers are reducing the number of parts in the printers that must be replaced. Getting a printer that has a permanent photo conductor drum will reduce the costs of maintenance and repair for the printer. When the moving parts in a printer are kept to a minimum, the need to pay for replacement of broken or damaged parts will be reduced.

Other important features to check when comparing a Kyocera FS-3800DN printer or other type of printer will be the number of pages that are printed per minute, as well as the resolution of the printer. Some printers have an automatic resolution that cannot be adjusted manually. This can be a disadvantage if you are printing data on card stock or other thick paper that may need a higher resolution capability than the one that is automatically set.

No matter the medium, with Kyocera FS-3800DN toner you will find the results must be seen to be appreciated. Lacking nothing as far as professionalism, Kyocera toner works as hard as the printer itself. Online merchants offer quick, fast, and competitive pricing and shipping.

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