Kyocera FS-6700DT Printer – Getting The Job Done And Safe For The Environment

by erin on December 16, 2009

tk-16The Kyocera FS-6700DT printer can print up to 20 pages per minute, with a maximum of 600 dpi resolution. This monochrome laser printer owes its performance to a 100 MHz PowerPC 603e processor inside it. This enables you to do a lot of printing tasks at a fraction of the time, with each page spotlessly produced with the use of Kyocera FS-6700DT toner cartridges.

No matter the printing need, this machine is flexible enough to handle it. You can use this for printing anything from text files, spreadsheets, presentation slides, to CAD graphics. A variety of media types may also be used. And it can deliver fast performance regardless of the volume of work to be done. Simply, this is the office equipment suitable for all industries.

The FS-6700DT features a variety of resident or inbuilt fonts. There are 80 bitmap fonts, 45 scalable fonts, and 35 KDPL (Kyocera Page Description Language) fonts. Other fonts may also be downloaded on the Internet and installed on the printer’s memory. Called soft fonts, you can add as many of them as the available hard disk permits.

In the heart of the printer is a highly durable amorphous silicon drum. Kyocera is known worldwide for its’ unique ceramics technology. And this expertise led the company to come up with a hardwearing drum. It boasts of an extraordinarily long service life, which requires minimal periodic replacement. The drum also possesses some properties that enable it to constantly produce high-resolution printing. It can withstand high temperatures and resist solvents and other harsh chemicals.

When other printers run out of toner, you also need to discard the cartridge that contains it. This is because the toner is placed in the cartridge itself. However, the toner in the FS-6700DT is separated from the drum. So all you need is to replenish the used up Kyocera FS-6700DT toner in the developer unit.

The body has a large, user-friendly control panel for ease of operation. It has a large display for printer messages, buttons and various indicators. Messages can be displayed in three different languages. They include English, French and German. However, it is also possible to download other languages for the messages.

Ability to adjust with your productive needs is something that this printer doesn’t fall short of. While it is equipped with a 4 MB memory, which may be expanded, you can purchase a separate memory of up to 68 MB in capacity. A changing network environment is not a problem. This unit allows for up to two different network interfaces simultaneously. This is possible through available expansion slots, which may also be used for installing hard disk units.

There are also many optional accessories available for the FS-6700DT. You can add a barcode reader, hard disk unit and a duplex printing unit for double sided printing tasks. There are also optional paper path adaptors, face-up trays and paper feeders to maximize its flexibility.

The Kyocera FS-6700DT printer uses a cartridge free technology. Kyocera develops and manufactures its products with interest of reducing their impact on the environment. Through this cartridge free technology, less waste goes to the environment. This advanced printing system delivers superb performance, while allowing for lesser waste and pollution.

Using Kyocera FS-6700DT toner helps save additional costs as there are no pages to reprint.  A superb feature is the clarity of each printed page with Kyocera toner.  Cost-effectiveness is also present when replacing the toner when you shop online at

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