Kyocera FS 6700DTN – Get Ready To Print

by adam on December 21, 2009

This laser printer could be the best purchase you ever make for your busy office. It really performs and meets all of your expectations. The Kyocera FS-6700DTN printer will save you time and expense. Whatever size your print job, it is ready to go. Kyocera has made their great electronics even better. They use the latest technology to improve their products with each new model. One thing that never changes if the professional end result using Kyocera FS-6700DTN toner.
Kyocera is known for producing intuitive printers that don’t waste resources. Less waste means less wasted money for you. This company truly thrives on giving you your money’s worth. They provide quality and convenience.

In this instance, they have even managed to create a printer that does not require a ton of space. This one is a desktop model. You can easily find room for it right with your other computer gear. No need to worry about crowding anything out. Everyone in your office can use this same printer. It comes ready to be networked.

It is amazingly fast due to the 100 megahertz Power PC processor. On A4 sized paper, it prints out a rapid 20 papers per minute. Eleven pages per minute is what it produces on A3 sized. Kyocera has also eliminated the days of standing around waiting for the printer to be ready. This one warms up and is ready to operate in a very fast time span. Unlike some comparable models, it takes seconds, rather than minutes. This is very important, because time is money.

No one likes to waste paper and toner because they had to throw away bad printouts. With this machine, that is no longer an issue. Pictures and text all come out crisp and perfect. It has a resolution of 600 dpi. You can even scan items and print them later, thanks to the 4 megabytes of RAM. If you require the ability to do this for larger jobs, you can upgrade all the way to 68 megabytes. You can have your jobs scanned and ready to print at any time.

Creating pamphlets or booklets is very easy with the duplex printing feature. This saves on paper by using both sides. If you find yourself printing large amounts, you can get up to four resource trays for this printer. This enables it to handle as many as 1,350 sheets of media. No more running out of paper, it will be ready and waiting for any job.

When an office machine lasts a long time, it is well worth your investment. The longer it lasts, the more money you save. The drum and developer in this unit are both designed to last for 300,000 pages or three years. Few other manufacturers can match this. With a long life and low operating cost, you save money and time with this laser printer.

Whether you are printing pictures or text, you know the Kyocera FS-6700DTN toner will really perform. Using Kyocera toner makes this printer suitable for business or personal use with its professionalism.  You can get replacement toner easily online.  Kyocera offers a two year warranty as they know how great this printer is.

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