Lexmark Optra M412 – Put Other Office Printers To Shame

by garrett on June 10, 2009

The Lexmark Optra m 412 is a now retired monochrome printer. The Lexmark line of printers and office machines has always provided users with the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices around. When the Optra M412 came out in late 2001, it was a force to be reckoned with. Others in its category were quickly put to shame when the m 412 was released. The toner you want for this printer is Lexmark Optra M412 Toner.

This black and white laser printer was an extremely efficient and affordable solution for small offices and home users, alike. Providing crisp prints for those not requiring high graphic output, the m 412 gives full, rich copies, every time. You won’t be able to tell if it’s the first copy or the last one that the cartridge can push out. Always giving users clear text and no run copy, the m 412 provides perfection in printing.

When the Optra m 412 first came onto the market, the average shelf price was about $799 for the base model. The Optra m 412 also came with an upgraded network ready twin. Price for the network ready version was approximately $1079. Both of these prices blew the competition away, hands down. Now that the model has been retired, it can be found at many big volume warehouse stores. Supplies, of course, are limited.

You can also find the Lexmark Optra m 412 for sale on many overstock and deep discounted and discontinued products websites. Prices are currently listed around $250 for the non networked version and about $400 for the network ready model. It’s a great deal on a superb printer, but get them while you can, there won’t be anymore put into production.

The Optra m 412 puts out an impressive 17 pages per minute with its mono chromatic power. This printer rightly boasted itself to be the fastest, quietest small office work group printer around. With 600 by 600 dpi, quality prints are guaranteed with the Optra m 412. Time from start up to first copy in hand is a speedy 12 seconds thanks to the help of a standard 133 MHz processor. Allowing you to walk away from the printer while you tend to other tasks, the m 412 requires no hand holding.

The Optra m 412 offers less need for adding paper than other similar printers. With a standard paper tray holding 250 sheets, the handy multi purpose tray allows for 100 sheets. An optional 500 sheet tray adds to the versatility of this machine. Like its Lexmark family members, the Optra m 412 is incredibly user friendly. Large function buttons are easy for everyone to read and the simple menu prompts make printing a breeze.

The Lexmark Optra m 412 has different options that set it apart from the rest. By far one of the most useful is the private print option. This allows a user to queue a print job then the job gets held in memory until the time is right for the user to print. The user enters a secret code on the machine and the print job automatically begins. This is perfect for top secret or classified information and documents.

Having been replaced by faster, more efficient machines, the Optra m 412 is still a great piece of office equipment. Lexmark Optra m 412 toner is also still available at a variety of online and walk in stores. Staying true to the Lexmark standard of quality, the Optra m 412 is still a force to be reckoned with.

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