Lexmark Optra T614 – A Well Made Tool For The Office

by adam on September 11, 2009

If you are looking for one of the most reliable and cost effective choices in printers then you need not look any further than the Lexmark Optra T614 printer. With all the time we spend running from place to place there is not much time to find a good printer, but the Optra T614 using Lexmark Optra T614 toner is such a high quality printer that you can feel good in purchasing it. After all, a reasonable price tag and quality that you can trust is all you were looking for.
The amazing features that the Optra T614 offers are unending and it has an incredible high-speed processor that can easily handle even the most grueling printing jobs. It will put out as many pages as you need in the bare minimum amount of time. Compared to bigger and more costly models, this printer is truly the royalty of printers.

One of the best features for anyone who has a truly hectic life is that this printer is both quick and efficient. This means that you can get the most reliable printing tasks accomplished at a very small amount of time. The trays are easy to fill and you have the option of obtaining several of them. They each have the capacity to hold a large amount of paper and you will not have to fill them very often. This is huge for those who don’t have time to keep filling up the paper tray while trying to complete a larger printing job.

The memory is absolutely huge and will give you faster output. This is a good thing for smaller businesses that once had to else settle for slower printing or purchase a faster and higher priced model to accomplish their printing tasks. The Optra T614 is just the model that they needed at a price they can handle.


This amazing printer has a bunch of little extras that will make things a lot easier for the average consumer. Make sure that you take each feature into consideration before ever making a final purchasing decision.

Fitting In: No matter what kind of printing needs that you will have, the Lexmark Optra T614 printer will be able to handle them. There are many added functions that come along with this piece of equipment including multiple output trays where several jobs can take place at the very same time. It also offers a faxing options and additional paper trays to ensure printing jobs done in a timely manner.

It Is Compatible: The Optra T614 is a very advanced machine and is compatible with almost every modern system or software that is available today. The software and drivers are included and will easily work off of any operating system or computer around.

It’s Versatility: Having a printer that can do everything is important to most of us, and the Optra T614 is right on mark. It will be able to print anything that you need and completely eliminate the need for you to ever have to send another printing job out off site.

Cost Factor: It is no secret that most of us are having to try and save everything we have. With the economy in turmoil and finances the way they are it is important to find equipment that is both reliable and cost effective at the same time. Lexmark understands and with the Optra T614 they offer you all that you need at a price that you can afford.

There is no need for you to worry when it comes to finding a great printer. The Lexmark Optra T614 using quality Lexmark Optra T614 toner will give you everything that you need while saving your time and money for other things.  Replacement Lexmark Toner is a breeze to obtain with online companies such as Qtoner available for super fast shipping directly to your office or home.  With such a comprehensive machine available, there should never be down time!

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