Living In Fear: The Dangers of Meth

by AdamS on August 26, 2012

Crystal meth is easily one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs available in the United States today. It is very easy to find crystal meth and it’s usually very inexpensive to buy.  Meth not only physically damages the body it also makes many of its users hallucinate and develop paranoia or even borderline personality disorder, sometimes even after they go through treatment. Go to for more information on meth treatment.  Crystal meth is a very powerful stimulant that is highly addicting and leads many people to need treatment at rehab treatment centers across the United States.  The addiction to crystal meth can cause users to do things they would never even think about doing if they were sober. The true dangers of meth are the psychological effects it has on its users.

Crystal Meth Psychosis

The psychological effects of crystal meth go far beyond the basic addiction.  It is true that crystal meth is addictive, in fact it is so addicting that most users get hooked after just one use.  The real problem is that meth causes psychosis, or paranoid schizophrenia which causes the individuals using it to see and hear things that aren’t real.  Hallucinations are very common in crystal meth users and it has been reported that over sixty percent of meth users see or hear things.  These hallucinations along with the other effects of meth can cause many users to feel anxious and fearful of things around them.

Paralyzed by Fear

Crystal meth can lead to permanent psychosis in some cases causing the user to live in fear from things they hear and see for the rest of their lives.  The chemicals in crystal meth cause the individuals who use it to become very jittery and hyperactive.  It causes the heart to race and never slow down and keeps the user awake for days and sometimes even weeks at a time without sleep.  The lack of sleep and racing heart can cause users to start to hear voices telling them to do things such as hurt themselves.  Sometimes they can become so fearful that people are watching them or judging them that lock themselves away in rooms by themselves for days.

Crank Bugs

One of the most common side effects of crystal meth use is visual hallucinations.  These hallucinations can often occur as tiny bugs that are crawling either on or underneath the user’s skin.  The individual will hallucinate these crank bugs and then try to get them off or out of their body by picking at their skin.  They will start opening up sores all over their body and start to fixate on picking off more of their skin.

There are uncountable numbers of terrible side effects of crystal meth addiction, but one of the more disturbing side effects is psychosis.  An individual can use meth once and become insane or develop borderline personality disorder for the rest of their lives.  Check out for more info on borderline personality disorder. Meth is a devastatingly dangerous drug that takes a toll on both the mind and body of the user.  The hallucinations that occur from using meth can cause a person to see or hear things and literally drive them insane.

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