Madagascar – The Perfect Vacation Spot For Nature Lovers

by erin on May 3, 2011

While low-key vacation are fun, sometimes a traveler simply needs something a little more wild. I don’t mean the kind of wild that involves gratuitous amounts of alcohol and staying up until the sun rises. This is a more natural sort of wild that can only be found in untouched natural habitats. There are various places on our planet where you can encounter this, but Madagascar is exceptional. If you love nature or have someone in your family woh does, consider a vacation to Madagascar. If you do plan on traveling there – or anywhere else outside the US – you will have to get a USA passport renewal.

Application Process

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Nature Lovers

For any traveler who has a special place in their heart for the natural world – plant and animal biodiversity – he or she will love Madagascar. What makes the island so unique is the fact that it has been it’s own separate landmass for around 130 million years, and this has created an environment where species can adapt and become different. This has resulted in a massive population of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. These are called endemic species. Of all the species found on the island of Madagascar, 80% can only be found there. Out of the 10,000 plant species on the island, 9,000 can only be found there. Additionally, 90% of the 260 species of reptiles are endemic, and 100 of 280 species of plant are endemic. The lemurs – arguably the islands most popular residents – come in 99 different species. Scientists are very interested in the island, and consider it one of the most diverse biodiversity hotspots on the entire planet.

World Heritage

During your visit to Madagascar, you have to stop by the Tsingy de Bemaraha nature preserve. This 330 square mile nature preserve actually earned the distinction of being elected a UNESCO World Heritage location, and it’s considered to be an incredible preserve. What makes it so special are not only the impressive lemur and bird populations, but the scary-yet-beautiful karst limestone formations and the preserved mangrove trees.

Water Activities

Madagascar is an island, so of course the water-based activities are going to be great. It’s a gorgeous island, and the beaches rival any in the world. Surfing is very popular there, thanks to the constant winds and the shape of the island. Taking a kayak out on a tour is one of the best ways to explore the stunning coastal habitats. Deep fishing is also very popular here and huge fish are being caught all the time.

Passport Services

You can be sure you will have a great time in Madagascar, despite whether you are very involved in nature or even if you just have a basic interest. The opportunity to witness all the unique endemic species and all the beautiful natural land and water habitats is an amazing experience. Just don’t forget that you will need a USA passport! Get your passport or a passports renewal or any other service you might need online.

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