My Ebay, The World At My Fingertips.

by on September 4, 2008

Electronic commerce has single handedly created a level playing field for business startups and business behemoths. Thanks to technological breakthroughs that created the Internet revolution, startups were able to challenge business behemoths, and make them follow suit. The world is indeed flatter than ever before, thanks to electronic commerce. It is now possible to sell your goods directly to customers from your warehouse. You can sell jewelry, groceries, apparel, movies, and ebooks.

If you write, you can even vend your own writing with electronic commerce websites. Widely available software lets you design attractive covers for your e-books. But one thing my ebay experience has taught me is that ebooks need more than just eye-catching covers to be truly successful.

The quality of your product is of paramount importance in the success of failure of your online business. You have to be creative and make sure that the ebook appeals to a common man. It is also important to write on a topic which has been previously untouched or at least write in a unique way even if other titles exist on the same topic. My ebay experience has taught me that if you know how to write and write good, the part on how to sell on ebay is quite simple.

Creating a profile on an e-commerce web site is the first order of business. I believe it is better to design your business in the style of a popular e-commerce web site rather than a personal web site. Otherwise, you would have greater difficulty getting potential customers to visit your web site, and more expense for professional search engine optimization services.

Even if you can get some traffic to your website, many people are not comfortable purchasing online unless your site is certified secure for internet commerce transactions. Electronic commerce portals give buyers that extra sense of security and provide other services as well, charging just a small fraction of the transaction as their fee.

If my ebay sales have taught me anything, it’s not to underestimate the value of word-of-mouth advertising. When somebody buys from me, I always make sure to ask them to leave follow up for future potential buyers to read. I ask them to leave feedback not only on my book on their website but also on my e-commerce website. This will assure many potential buyers and they will feel comfortable buying from me.

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– Edson Buchanan

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