Mythical Creatures Or Just Undiscovered?

by Bridget on August 20, 2012

Recently the Discovery channel aired a docu-fiction pertaining to the discovery of Mermaids or aquatic humanoids. Although viewers thought this to be a real documentary, it was later exposed as a science fiction dramatization of a complex controversial theory. But why are mermaids so hard to fathom? If unicorns can be found along with dragons in the Biblewhy is the possibility of sea humans irrelevant? There are plenty of animals all over the world that we have yet to discover, especially those in the depths of the vast oceans that have yet to be explored to the fullest extent.

Navy Testing & Beached Whales

According to the discovery channel show when the Navy was testing Sonar weapons they ended up killing a lot of toothed whales who became stranded and beached across the world. It was at this time that along with whale and dolphin calls scientists also discovered what they call the “bloop”, a series of calls that are made by a creature that scientist are still unable to identify.  They first speculated that this bloop could have been caused by a new, yet undiscovered species of dolphin, however after further evidence surfaced a new theory was brought to fruition.

Aquatic Ape Theory

Although the documentary was primarily fiction it did rely heavily on scientific evidence. The evidence alone may not have lead people to believe in mermaids, but combined with the evolutionary aquatic ape theory, more people are open to the idea that mermaids could possibly exist or that they once existed. The theory suggests that humans went through an aquatic stage and that this is the reason why so many of our features resemble that of aquatic mammals.

Historic Evidence

Many who subscribe to the aquatic ape theory believe that there is historical evidence for aquatic humanoids. Perhaps all those drunken sailors really did encounter mermaid like creatures. Mermaids and sirens can be found throughout any culture or society that has lived along a coastline or has had seafaring routes. Many fishermen have claimed to have caught fish in the deep sea that appear to have been injured by tools of sorts. Many proponents of the aquatic ape theory suggest that this is due to a human like population hunting in the sea.

Depths Of The Ocean

Although our planet is made up mostly of oceanic waters, they still remain largely unchartered. For this reason it is quite possible there are many species of animals that we have yet to discover. Some opponents of the aquatic ape theory believe that if there were such species that they would be seen occasionally by people as they would need to come up for air. But isn’t there already historic evidence for these beings? What about the drawings, sketches, and tales from fishermen? Why is NOAA ready to jump at the idea that there are no aquatic humanoids? These proposed ancestors of ours could have evolved to be highly intelligent creatures and have evaded sight.
Ultimately there are an innumerable amount of animals all over the world; many have yet to be discovered. If people can believe the tales of dragons in the Bible, then why is it so hard to believe the idea of an aquatic human species living and existing in an oceanic habitat? The oceans are vastly undiscovered and could be home to many new species and creatures that we never could have imagined. Aquatic Ape Theory or not, a mermaid like creature could still exist.

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