Need an Emergency Passport? Here’s How to Get It

by erin on January 25, 2010

Emergency PassportSometimes you are forced to leave the country unexpectedly, and realize that you still need to apply for a passport or renew your expired one. In this case, going through the routine passport application wouldn’t be an option. Currently, you’ll need to wait four to six weeks to have your passport processed for routine applications.

In family emergencies, you wouldn’t be able to wait that long for your passport to arrive. This applies to family emergencies where you’ll need to travel out of the country as soon as possible. Good thing there’s an option for you to get a passport faster than is regularly allowed. For family emergencies, you’ll need an emergency passport.

Emergency passports are designed for those facing family emergencies outside the country and need to leave in 48 hours or less. At times when your loved ones can’t wait, this is the passport you’ll need. Applying for this type of passport ensures you are able to leave the country as soon as possible.

Now let’s discuss on how you can acquire an emergency passport. To get one, you’ll need to get in touch with the National Passport Information Agency (NPIA). They are the ones tasked on assisting people like you who need emergency passports. Call them any time of the day, and they’ll help you schedule an appointment with the passport agency nearest you. The passport agency will then help process your emergency passport.

In case the NPIA is unable to schedule an appointment for you, simply hang on the line. You will then be forwarded to a customer service representative (CSR). In turn, the CSR will handle your call and provide you with options on how you can get your emergency passport.

There are instances where you need to leave, yet aren’t faced with a very urgent situation that would require an emergency passport. If this situation applies to you, then you can just get your passport application expedited. Expedited passports are sought out by travelers who don’t need to travel within 48 hours, yet have to leave within the next four weeks.

In fact, expedited passports are recommended to those who need to leave within the next 10 weeks. The reason for this is to allow some buffer time in case something causes a delay to the passport application. Currently, expedited passports take two to three weeks to process. Also keep in mind that there will be an additional fee should you decide to have your passport application expedited. This is a small price to pay, especially if you need the speed and convenience of applying for a passport.

In cases where you really need to leave the country soon for family emergencies, you can always apply for an emergency passport. Applying for one cuts the processing time to just 48 hours. However, if you aren’t really that in a hurry yet need to travel in four to ten weeks, then you can instead apply for an expedited passport. An expedited passport gives you a quick and convenient alternative to the routine passport application.

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