The HP Color LaserJet 3500 Printer – Vivid Color, Impressive Performance, Exceptional Value

by erin on September 3, 2010

There are many times when those who work from home question the need to have a commercial grade printer in their home office. With so many really cheap alternatives available at most big box stores, it is hard to turn down a $99 special deal. Pennywise but pound foolish is a term seldom heard today, yet is appropriate when comparing the HP Color LaserJet 3500 printer’s reliability and that of the HP color toner.

The HP Color LaserJet 3500 printer is designed for small offices and businesses. It is not a model for even a medium size business that is text driven. The very size and heft of this laser printer may be a bit scary to behold and it will need some substantial desk or counter space. The tradeoff for the bulk of this office necessity is its utter reliability and the quality of the documents it puts out.

High performance is the hallmark of this HP laser product, especially when it comes to the crisp quality of both color and standard text documents like letters and bills. While most telecommuters and freelancers do not envision a need to have network connectivity, it is there and available in this model. One unusual trait is that the 3500 model prints out color documents at a faster speed rate than it does for black and white.

This printer is not flaw free and perhaps the biggest issue is the relatively small amount of memory, only 64MB. In today’s technology racetrack, 64 MB is about as old school as a bag phone. While there is no way to even add memory to the 3500¸ finding a refurbished model online can mean pricing that rivals the plastic $99 offerings. The differences in durability and quality workmanship are immediately obvious.

Just look into the myriad of printers that are on the market today and it is obvious that design aesthetics are now a part of the higher end laser printers. Having a micro-sized burnt orange machine may be the new thing for trendy design firms in big cities, but most freelancers are working from their homes because status and swanky accessories just are not one of their priorities. This printer is far from pretty, and it may require someone with weight lifting experience to get it out of the box.

While some consider a printer purchase may do exhaustive research online, most freelance types are not technology aficionados. They want a good value and a reliable machine that will stand the slings and arrows of everyday use. Reviews submitted by actual buyers of this product are predominantly positive and ease of use particularly when it comes to changing HP toner is often cited. User reviewers appreciate the high quality printing coming from this reasonably priced office staple.

The HP Color LaserJet 3500 printer has another great convenience feature. Its HP printer toners are easy to reach when it comes time to replace one. Anyone who has ever started a rush job knows the panic that results when a toner cartridge runs out. While not having a lot of bells and whistles and weighing enough to qualify in the heavyweight group, this HP toner and printer are solid choices at a good price.

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