New Species Of Fish Found Off Coast Off New Zealand

by Bridget on September 5, 2012

Many people are familiar with blue and black marlin; these are standard species of fish that sport-fishermen and fishing enthusiasts alike will fish and talk about especially on marlin fishing charters. Interestingly off the coast of New Zealand a new species was found. It is not of the marlin variety, but is an unknown species of flabby whale fish.

Ocean Trawling

Scientists trawling the deeper parts of the ocean located east of New Zealand pulled up some pretty interesting finds. They uncovered several new species of general fish as well as some of the strange looking fish, reports the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research also known as NIWA. Very few fish are seen at the depths that scientists were trawling, and little is known about the species that due inhabit these particular waters.

The Flabby Whalefish

 The flabby whalefish is described as having tiny eyes and no ribs. The one discovered was 12.5 inches long and was caught about 1.7miles underwater. These are the deepest waters that NIWA has explored.  The flabby whalefish features a red and black hue.

Chatham Rise

The scientists were trawling the areas around Chatham rise which is part of underwater plateaus, mountains, canyons, ridges, and abyssal plains. The scientists set up eight trawl stations in hopes of catching fish at the varying depths featured.  Many strange species have been discovered around underwater volcanoes and ridges.

Other Creatures

 Other creatures discovered included slick heads, cusk0eels, as well as skates. These are mostly bottom dwelling species. Not much is known about the fish at these depths due to the lack of research that has been performed.  Although it’s very promising, these stations only took tiny samples from the surrounding waters which offer a useful glimpse of the animals that occupy the seafloor depths around the New Zealand area.

More Exploration

More exploration is needed in order to determine what other creatures reside in the depths of the ocean. It is amazing how much of the ocean has been left unexplored. These new expeditions can lead to new species as to a better understanding of abyssal creatures and their surrounding habitats. This initial exploration can assist in understanding more about the ocean and can help future scientists best navigate their way around the ocean and its habitats.

New Zealand

The coast of New Zealand offers a lot in terms of abundant sea life. There are many species that are known around the area as well as those that have yet to be discovered. The naturally occurring underwater ridges and plateaus lead to a wide array of diversity in sea-life.

So, although black marlin are a much more popular species to discuss, and lend themselves to good “big fish” tale stories  regarding marlin fishing charters, there are plenty of other interesting fish found off the coast of New Zealand. Even discovering these latest species can lead to a better understanding of the oceanic environment and even better understanding the black marlin. It is not known to what lengths or weights the black marlin could reach if left alone.  The ocean and all that inhabit it are truly mysterious.

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