Okidata B6300n – The Right Way To Print

by adam on December 21, 2009

Before you take the leap and buy a printer for the office, be sure to do your research! The quality of your printer can make a big difference in productivity. Print times, paper options, memory, connections – all have a direct effect on how much time each person spends on printer-related tasks. Below are some key features of the Okidata B6300N printer using Okidata B6300n printer toner so you can find out if it is the right printer for you.
There are important questions to consider before you purchase a printer. How many people will be using it? Will you need to print a lot of jobs in a short time? What is your budget? How fast is it? Knowing these things can be the difference between a printer that does the job and one that creates more work.

This model is a black and white networking printer. Networking printers are also sometimes called workgroup printers. A networking printer allows multiple people to send print jobs from their workstations directly to the printer at the same time. If you have even just two people in the office, a networking printer is a must.

If you do have multiple people using the printer, you will need excellent memory capacity and fast processing speeds. Both these things are required to make sure your printer can handle the load without bogging down. The Okidata B6300n printer has a PowerPC 350 MHz maximum processor. It also has 128 MB of RAM standard with 640 MB memory possible. This is more than enough to handle the needs of a medium-sized office.

One thing that’s really great about this printer is that it complies with the EPA Energy Star program! It is designed to go into a low power mode when not in use, making it more energy-efficient. You can help the environment and save on energy costs at the same time! That’s important for any business.

Another useful feature is the optional offset tray option. An offset tray sorts print jobs into different trays so that each person’s print job is kept separate from the next person’s job. This may not seem like a big deal, but having to sort through lots of print jobs takes up valuable time. In addition, you risk mixing up or losing pages in your documents. Having an offset tray is a very nice feature for a busy office.

This model has excellent print resolution, better than many on the market. At 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution you are guaranteed crisp, clear documents and graphics. Also, something to keep in mind when shopping for printers is a laser versus an inkjet printer. Laser printers like this one are preferable for offices because they generally print faster than inkjet printers.

You can certainly check the product specifications for more detail on its features, but this article highlights some of the main benefits of this model. Essentially, the Okidata B6300n printer is priced in the middle range, but has some of the features of higher-end models. Fast processing speeds, good memory, and lots of paper options make it an excellent choice for a small to medium sized office.

The Okidata B6300n toner continues the performance high that Okidata products offer.  Quality Okidata toner makes sure every page is perfect.  You can obtain replacement toner quickly online with a simple search.

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