Okidata B6500dn – The Best Office Tool

by adam on December 21, 2009

I have my own reasons for purchasing an Okidata B6500dn printer. I am a professional woman who has a business that produces high quality items. I have high expectations about the work I produce and I expect the same from the tools I use. My printer must work hard to give me what I demand. Fortunately, this printer and the exceptional Okidata B6500dn toner do just that.
This printer can put out as many as forty-five pages per minute. This is outstanding considering how many fliers my company mails out to possible customers. In one hour I can have two thousand, seven hundred circulars! This is important because letting people know about my product is the first step in getting them to buy from me. With this speed I can reach several customers.

When you do the math, a period of time lasting a month will produce approximately two hundred thousand pages. It takes not quite eight seconds for the first page to show. This is exactly the type of high requirements I have for the printer that sits in my office. The market in which I am involved does not have much competition. I can get clear and precise fliers which state my product with great resolution.

I expect the printer I use to be virtually free of human interference. My printer should be made to perform with magnified production. These printers are loyal to my standards of formidable caliber. It is imperative that this mechanism work as hard as possible to give me top grade commission. I have been called the “perfectionist.” This wonderful product does the perfect job for me.

Nothing will bother me more than to have a piece of equipment in my office that has to be watched over. I do not have time for the aggravating and time consuming chore of constantly keeping my printer working. Neither do the rest of my staff. I am grateful a piece of “artistry” like this exists!

The paper chamber takes up to seven hundred sheets of paper, which includes legal and letter sizes! I love this because I do not have to constantly feed it more paper. I am sure you hate being continuously bothered with adding more material. It does get irritating.

This type of printer is harmonious with Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Linux, Unix, Mac and a few other types of computer software. As you see, you can use this at home as well as in the office. Yes, I not only have one at my company, I have one at home, also.

The Okidata B6500dn printer is quite affordable. With my business overhead, I have to watch what I spend. When I saw the price and capability of this gem, I simply had to have one. I highly recommend this for your office. You will not regret the investment you put into this item. You can go to a few of your local electronic businesses to ask questions about this printer. Or you can get on the Internet and do a bit of research.

You can also use the Internet when you need more Okidata B6500dn toner.  Many online vendors stock Okidata toner and getting quality replacement toner cartridges is no more than a simple mouse click or two away!

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