Okidata B6500N Printer – A Valuable Piece Of Performance Equipment

by garrett on December 21, 2009

When they designed this printer, it is obvious the company wanted to create a real workhorse machine. The Okidata B6500N Printer with the Okidata B6500N compatible cartridge is a valuable piece of performance equipment. It does its monochrome printing both reliably and with speed. Fully digital and able to be upgraded, you will find yourself relying on it for a long, long time.

When you are in business, you know that time equals money. Saving one means you also save the other. With a 533-megahertz processor, you can count on this printer to do both. The first page of your print jobs will be turned out in 8 seconds or less. It can print as many as 45 pages per minute. All of the black and white prints will be perfect.

If you want to print pamphlets or save paper, an optional feature lets you condense 4 pages into one. Even this prints nice and clean for great readability. Text sheets are bold and sharp, with no blurriness. Images print quite well and much better than on a lot of other machines.

Another optional feature allows for printing on both sides of the paper. You can create booklets quite simply. The resolution can be set as high as 1200 X 1200 DPI. You can print whatever you need and not worry about cramped, hard to read text. Are you worried about someone gaining access to private information? With this printer, you can make all the copies you need. Just use the private pin feature to prevent unauthorized access.

If you are not quite ready to start a job, you can use the time delay setting. It will not start working until you tell it to. Unlike other printers, changing the toner cartridge or drum is easy on this one. It is one of the few printers with a top access panel, which is another great time saver. With toner already installed, you can use this one as soon as you unpack it. The Okidata B6500N Printer will make you glad you bought it.

With two different sized feed trays, it is easy to use. If you have a big print job, you can use both and do 700 sheets at once. For a tinier job, use the smaller multi-purpose tray that holds 150 sheets of media. The larger one holds up to 550. This means it is convenient for printing envelopes or newsletters. For companies that regularly do much bigger tasks, you can purchase additional trays. You can add up to two more. Each of which holds another 550 sheets.

Does your office use the Vista operating system? Well, do not worry; drivers are available to ensure this machine’s performance. You will love it if you use Macintosh computers, Linux or Windows systems, because it is already set-up to work with them. Your whole office can be networked to use this printer. It uses standard LPR/LPR or TCP/IP protocols and is also Ethernet ready.

When you invest in printer toner, you look for efficiency and savings. The Okidata B6500N toner readily provides you with both. Regardless of the task, the Okidata B Series printer toner cartridge can handle it. Go ahead, print those pictures or large text files and enjoy. Your business will thank you!

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