Okidata C3200 Printer – Top Of The Line Performance

by garrett on August 10, 2009

Super expensive does not always equal top of the line as far as performance and smart consumers know this.  The C series line of printers from Okidata, specifically the Okidata C3200 using Okidata C3200 printer toner cartridge, is an excellent partner in your small business or home office.

This is a printer specifically designed for small business solutions.  It is a single pass color and black and white printer and is one of the most affordable and cost effective printers in the market.  It offers superior printing, specifically when compared to other more expensive models.

The C3200 prints very fast at speeds faster then many 4 pass printers. Color printing produces 12 pages per minute and black and white printing produces 20 pages per minute. This means that the C3200 prints about three times faster then many other printers. Those using the machine experience perfect printing as it uses straight paper path technology.

Photo printing is exceptional as the printer has photo enhance technology and the color is balanced throughout the photo so it is consistent. Your photos will look just as good as professional prints and can be used for presentations, documents, reports and much more. The printer can produce and print other media such as CD labels, print banners and business cards to name a few.

The printer can hold up to 500 sheets of paper with a 200 sheet multipurpose tray and 200-sheet paper tray. The machine comes with 32 MB of RAM and can be connected to a single computer or used as a network. Users of the Okidata C3200 printer have less printing problems then other machines and this increases your company’s productivity.

The printer itself is very affordable and is considered a best buy. For the quality and high performance printing this is an excellent option for the price and it also has a low operating cost. The company offers technical support through a 1-800 number.

The C3200 printer is so reliable and the company is so confident of its product that they offer a five-year warranty on the LED print heads. The printer also has a standard one-year warranty. This is an excellent choice for any small business or someone who prints a lot at home.

With Okidata C3200 toner, crisp and sharp looking prints are all your printer will produce with unbelievable aptitude. An superior selection for any small company, the Oki C3200 provides precise details and print speeds that are unsurpassed and will impress employees and owners alike.

This Okidata is an easy to use machine with an concise and obvious user interface that makes printing like a pro nimble and simple. Regardless of computing learning or affinity, the C3200 has a gentle learning curve and can suit the desires of any user. Just as stress free and effortless as the machine’s operation is the application and replacement of the Okidata C3200 toner.

The Okidata C3200 printer using Okidata C3200 toner is more than capable of handling the requirements of any size job with the highest levels of proficiency. For prints that will wow and captivate, the fine and stunning look that comes from incorporating a top-tier Okidata toner is one that you really can’t pass up.  Replacement is easy with online vendors such as Okidata C Series printer cartridge offering terrific prices enabling you to take advantage of one great printer.

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