Okidata C3400 Printer – Dynamic Office Use

by garrett on August 11, 2009

One of the offerings of the C series line of printers from Okidata is the Okidata C3400 printer. With dynamic uses and capability that is truly encompassing, this printer fits into the needs of many a business. For the modern company, the machine’s prowess comes through on all facets to meet any needs. No matter the project, this printer using Okidata C3400 printer toner provides picture-perfect prints each and every time.

The Okidata C3400 Printer is one of the latest products in this company’s range of small business printers. Finding a laser printer for your small business can be a difficult task as there is so much on the market and prices can be very high. This particular model comes of a number of features that make it very attractive.

The first thing to know is that this is a full color laser printer. You might be thinking you don’t want to use a color laser printer in your office for the possible cost of color prints your staff could make as this would end up using the color very quickly and cost your business more money.

Not to worry, however, because this printer is like having two printers in one. It has built network software that allows you to select which users have automatic access to color printing. In other words, by default, the printer can simply act as a plain monochrome printer.

Administrators will be able to print in full color when and where they want by using this same software. The printer also has a built in memory of 32 MB that allows various documents to be held in the queue ready for printing. This is an essential feature of any office printer, especially if you have several computers on your network and print very frequently.

The print quality is very good and you can also print out photos that are near photo quality, but this printer is better designed for presentations, brochures, flyers and various other things, such as signs or banners. With fine quality and no blurring on the printouts, it makes this a superb choice to create professional looking results.

The fact that it is a laser printer also makes it a lot faster. It prints about 20 pages per minute in monochrome and 16 pages per minute in color so you certainly can’t complain about the speed of printing.

Combined with Okidata C3400 toner, the printer shows a phenomenal ability to create some of the most fine and precise looking prints on the market. Removing the uncertainty of what the end product will look like, the C3400 enables owners and employees to present their materials with confidence.

The Okidata C3400 is an easy to use machine with a direct user interface that makes printing like a pro nimble and easy. Regardless of technical learning or affinity, Okidata printers have a tiny learning curve and can suit the requirements of any user. Additionally, the replacement of Okidata C3400 toner is just as simple and convenient.

Finding a reliable printer, which is what it comes down to for most users, takes a lot of worry off your mind when crunch time comes and you need your presentation NOW. Okidata C Series toner lets you predict with confidence that your project will be ready as soon as the sheets come out. Quality replacement Okidata toner is as easy to obtain as turning on your computer and searching out a reputable site, such as Qtoner, for fast shipping to your office. Okidata puts out a superior product that in turn let’s you do the same.

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