Okidata C3400n Printer – The Workhorse Your Office Needs

by garrett on August 12, 2009

One of the offerings from the Okidata C series of printers is the Okidata C3400n, a workhorse in terms of fast output and seriously skillful results.  Combining this printer with Okidata C3400n cartridge results in consistently stunning prints, whether text or graphics, with exceptional clarity in both mediums.

The Okidata C3400n Printer is one of the latest models in the line of less expensive laser printers for small office and home environments. It is best suited to a small business type environment due to the number of useful additional features that it has for networking.

Most notably, this printer will save you money, which is often not what you expect of getting a color printer to go in the office.  A cost-saving feature is that users cannot automatically use the color printing facility unless they have been given permission by way of the built in software on the printer. This way everyone by default has access to normal monochrome printing but only administrators will have access to color printing.

This feature makes it seem as if there are two printers, one color and one monochromatic, when in actuality you have purchased just one printer for both types of jobs.

Being able to print twenty pages per minute is also a huge advantage. Enhancing office productivity by being much faster than many other printers, twenty pages per minute are sure to impress. What’s more, it also has 32 megabytes of memory built into handle large print queues that is more than adequate for the vast majority of small to medium sized offices.

The paper path is straight so you don’t have to worry about jams happening with any regularity, which is another important factor since reliability is often the deciding factor when it comes to buying any gear for your office.

Quality wise, this printer certainly lives up to very high standards, especially when printing in monochrome. Color printing is certainly more than adequate to and in fact, near photo quality, making it ideal for presentations, leaflets and brochures and anything else that your business needs to do.

With Okidata C3400n toner, crisp and precise looking prints are all your printer will generate with uncanny talent. A superior addition for any small company, the OKI C3400n provides specific details and print speeds that are unsurpassed and will awe employees and owners alike.

This Okidata printer is an easy to operate machine with a poignant and obvious user interface that makes printing like a pro nimble and simple. Suiting the demands of any user, the Okidata C3400n has a very minimal learning curve and is simple to use regardless of toner comprehension. Additionally, the installation of Okidata C3400n toner is just as easy and effortless.

Regardless of the size of the project or the requirements and requests of your small company, the Okidata C Series cartridge is more than capable of rising above your every assumed notion.  Online suppliers, such as Qtoner, are available for fast shipping and low cost when you need replacement Okidata C3400n toner.  Sharp business people and savvy consumers know that adding high quality Okidata toner to their machine ensures the type of end product of which any user can be proud.

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