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by garrett on August 12, 2009

The C series line of printers from Okidata has remained such an optimal collection of printers than even though the Okidata C7300 is not the newest “kid” on the block, it remains one of the most reliable, offering significant bang for the buck.  Coupling this machine with Okidata C7300 toner cartridge ensures stunning graphics and photos, as well as clean, crisp text, sure to impress.

The Okidata C7300 Printer continues to be a great choice for a small to medium office environment. It is fast and reliable and full of features, enabling you to print out extremely professional results in full color if you so prefer. While this printer has been around for a while now, printers just don’t get outdated as quickly as many other computer peripherals and components do.

With very high performance and extremely high specifications, this printer is certainly ready to do a lot of work and also, it is extremely good value today since it is a fairly old model yet it has all the features of new and far more expensive models.

The prince was able to print 24 pages per minute in normal black and white, which is not only impressively fast, but it can also print 20 pages per minute in color. The costs to run are fairly modest which is also a welcome change for color laser printers that are often restrictively expensive to run.

Paper handling is also done well with this product. Versatile and efficient, it can hold 630 sheets of paper in one time and if even this is not enough, you can add an additional tray that will hold considerably more. This helps to minimize user intervention that in turn minimizes the risk of damage and enhances reliability, one of the most important aspects in the office environment.

The printer also has a few very welcome network features, again enhancing its business use. With a 450 MHZ processor and 64 MB of memory built in, it can handle large print queues and do everything much more effectively than many of the lower specification models.

Considering the two most important factors when it comes to buying a printer for an office environment are undoubtedly speed and reliability, this printer lives up to both to the highest standards.

For the most fine and detailed prints on the market, couple your printer with Okidata C7300 toner and you’ll witness the uncanny production potential of the OKI C7300 printer. Enough to inspire employees and owners alike, the C7300 is an awe-inspiring selection for any small company that provides top notch print speed and exact detail.

Offering a user-friendly interface, the Okidata C7300 makes printing like a pro easy to manage and highly efficient. Okidata printers offer a tiny learning curve and can suit the desires of any user, regardless of their technical learning or understanding. Additionally, the replacement of Okidata C7300 toner is just as simple and convenient.

This “older” model of printer still manages to meet and exceed the needs of most small business owners and home office users.  The Okidata C7300 toner provides prints that captivate and express your professional dedication to your presentations.  High quality replacement Okidata C Series printer toner is available quickly and efficiently from online sellers such as Qtoner offering competitive prices and fast shipping.  You don’t always need all those bells and whistles, what you need is a reliable, dependable printer and the Okidata C7300 is just such a printer.

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