Okidata OkiFax 5680 I-Fax Printer – Printing And Faxing Functions All-In-One

by garrett on December 21, 2009

The Okidata OkiFax 5680 I-Fax Printer is a multi-purpose and reliable piece of office machinery. It incorporates faxing capabilities with all the usual printer functions. With both error reducing and time saving features, it is well worth its price. And all you need is the Okidata OkiFax 5680 I-Fax Printer toner to go with it.

The ability to use the Internet when sending or receiving a fax is a great feature. They can be sent to email addresses, phone numbers or a combination of both. You are completely ready to send to one recipient or to multiple people. As long as you can access email, you can retrieve faxes anywhere at any time!

To make things even faster and easier, this OkiFax has an email key. Entering email address is a speedy process. To save even more time, you can make use of the 40 one-touch or 150 speed-dial settings. It also allows you to save up to 20 groups or manually dial up to 50 numbers. You can send that fax to everyone you need to, all at once.

With a 33.6 kilobyte per second modem, this fax machine is super fast. This can save on both time and long distance telephone charges. A single page is transmitted in a little as 3 seconds. Using the Internet fax feature to send to email addresses will save you even more. No dialing necessary.

It has a 600 DPI resolution and a fast rate of 8 pages per minute. You can even convert hard copies into digital files. This makes them much easier to save for future reference. It supports both TIFF and PDF file formats.

You can scan and save up to 200 pages at once, thanks to the internal memory unit. If the power goes out, you do not even have to worry about losing anything. It also has a battery that lasts for 20 hours. Available memory upgrades can be installed that will allow you to expand this up to 840 pages.

It comes with a standard 250-sheet tray and addition 30-sheet ADF tray. If you need to do larger jobs, you can also purchase an additional 500-sheet tray. Whatever size the job is that you need to print or fax, this printer is ready to perform.

With all of these capabilities, it is really no surprise that it can also function as a copier. You can use it to make up to 99 copies at a time. Unlike similar products, this one scans in a mere 2. 85 seconds. So, you will not have to stand there waiting a long time for your first printout or fax.

For confidential information you can set-up 16 password protected mailboxes. This protects your security as well as that of any clients for whom you may be doing sensitive work. It will even automatically switch trays or convert a legal length document to letter size. You do not have to hover over it to make sure it does the proper action.

If you are looking for a great toner that can out-perform most others, this is it. The Okidata OkiFax 5680 I-Fax toner does not disappoint. Okidata toner is fast, convenient and easy to use.

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