Passport Application – Please Don’t Waste Time Till The Last Minute

by garrett on April 1, 2010

As with anything governmental, there are forms and usually a few different varieties. When it comes to passports, there are a few different varieties and choosing the right passport application may depend on a wide range of factors. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down which form will be correct for your needs.

First time applicants will need to use the standard DS-11 passport application form. This form asks for the basic information regarding an individual and gives the guidelines on how to submit all the necessary pieces of identification. This form is used by both adults and minors when first applying and will lead to any other documentation necessary to complete the process.

In order to renew an already existing passport, an individual will need to complete a DS-82 form. This form asks for much of the same information that is already on the passport as a method of confirming that nothing has changed for the holder since its initial issue date. The form is standard and will need to be accompanied by the old passport when sent in for processing.

A lost or stolen passport requires filing two forms, the DS-11 and the DS-64. The DS-11, as stated earlier, is the actual application and the DS-64 is a report as to how and when the original passport was discovered to be missing. These both need to be filled out completely and sent in for the issuing agency to record the loss properly, should the old passport resurface at some point. If the old passport is found after the replacement is issued, it will need to be sent in to be cancelled properly and will be returned to the passport holder.

For a name change or information update on an existing passport, form DS-5504 will be needed. This form, along with the old passport, will need to be sent in to the issuing agency with any documentation supporting the data change. For those that have been married or had their name changed legally, a certified copy of the marriage certificate or court document will be necessary.

There is even a form for simply adding pages to an existing passport and this is a DS-4085. This form needs to be filled out completely and sent in with the old passport. The old passport must contain between 2 and 4 unused pages in order to qualify to have new ones added. If it contains more than this, it will not be honored for additional pages by the issuing agency.

A few common items go along with many of the passport applications. One is the need for the majority of these to have new photos accompany them for processing. Be sure to have the pictures taken by someone well versed in what the government requires for passport photos.

Finding the right passport application can be a bit confusing for some. There are, however, websites available online with exacting guidelines on which passport to select for your specific needs. These are easily found by conducting a brief search on the Internet.

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