Passports For Infants: For When A Delivery Date And Travel Date Overlap

by erin on June 18, 2010

While you may think this would never happen, how do you handle getting a passport for infants when your baby’s arrival date and your vacation date are way too close to each other? It is certainly wise to ask this question ahead of time so you can be prepared but planning ahead will make the experience much easier. The requirements for a newborn’s passport application are very similar to those that govern adult passport applications but there are a few exceptions.

Since each country has their own rules and regulation, it is wise to investigate the rules that apply in the country you reside. The United States requires the presentation of an official birth certificate for the issuance of a newborn passport. The presentation of a birth announcement or some hospital paperwork will not suffice. While it can take a month or so to get your baby’s birth certificate if left to the tradition mail service, this process will go a lot quicker if a visit is paid to the courthouse located in the birth county.

A social security number is requested on all passport applications but for a newborn passport, this space can be filled in with eight ‘0”s. You may think that this might slow the process of receiving your child’s passport but although there may be an extra fee, delivery of the passport, unlike that of your child, can be expedited. It may cost a little more but it will be worth the piece of mind for sure.

Now we come to the US passport photo. Yes, your newborn will have to say ‘cheese’ just like an adult with a few special requirements. A baby’s eyes must be open and any head covering is forbidden. This is to insure identification any boarder agent must make concerning hair and eye color. Call ahead before rushing off to the photographer as there may be special arrangements that need to be made to accommodate a newborn photo shoot.

Where an adult’s passport is valid for up to ten years, a child’s passport is valid for up to five years. There is no need to have the picture retaken even thought the child’s appearance will change drastically. This is the reason for the shorter expiration period for a newborn passport.

Don’t worry. With proper information and planning, everything can be made a lot easier when you need newborn United States passports. Contact your government to be sure you are information of your country’s requirements. While waiting for your baby to arrive, get all your plans in order to a speedy delivery and a speedy passport for babies. The passport will certainly be the easier one to arrange. Good luck and bon voyage.

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