Xerox Phaser 4500 Printer – Preferred For High Volume Office Work

by erin on August 16, 2010

Xerox was established in 1906 to produce photographic equipment. It has been conducting business for over a century and holds expertise in manufacturing as well as selling products used in offices and production at larger scales. The company proudly holds a wide range of products to offer its worldwide customers. This company holds the prestige to be included among the Fortune 500 companies which are companies that earn the highest amount of profit worldwide. The huge range on products offered by this world class renowned company now includes the Xerox Phaser 4500 Printer.

As it was incorporated a century ago, it has been rendering its services and providing products to the Royal family. This has earned Xerox the Royal Warrant, which is an honor it has earned due to the fine products it produces and the fact that they are used by the Royal Family.

The company offers document management and many other solutions to companies worldwide. From faxes, printers, digital photocopiers as well as large printing press machines, it has everything needed in this technological era. One of it finest products is the Phaser printer. It is known for its efficient and economical work results.

Salient features of this Phaser printer include printing with twelve hundred dots per inch (dpi), one of the reasons for clear text and sharp graphic print results. The built-in memory is 512MB and the storage on hard disk is up to 20GB which means no worrying when it comes to effective data processing. It can store data and then can be scheduled for printing when needed. One of the mentionable features is that it can print up to thirty six papers in just one single minute. This printer comes with the option of networking, saving the need for more printers in any work space.

When it comes to time saving features of this particular printer, the huge cartridge eliminates the need to constantly check or change cartridges. This printer is capable of running automated installation without the usually required IP identification.

The smart trays of this Phaser printer detect which paper type and size is loaded, so it can adjust the print job command to the proper paper tray. Also, the printer can print from any tray providing efficiency and time savings.

The print command simplification features include smart tray selection for a print job to ensure right paper has been loaded before the execution of a command. Along with this feature, this printer can also maintain multiple printing jobs at one time. It is also capable of detecting the watermark behind any text and printing that as well.

Along with other features, this printer can print two sided copies providing substantial cost savings. This printer also has the space to accommodate a total of seven hundred pages, sparing the user with the need to pay attention to frequent “out of paper” messages. Xerox Phaser 4500 Printer with Xerox toner is the perfect solution for high volume office work loads.

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