The Xerox Phaser 6100 Printer – Big Color For Small Businesses

by erin on September 7, 2010

If you are looking for a printer with a competitive edge, you might want to consider the Xerox Phaser 6100 Printer. At up to 5 pages per minute in full color and 21ppm in black, the first page drops into the tray within 15 seconds. With the celebrated Phaser 6100 toner and a duty cycle of 35,000 pages per month, this printer could be exactly what you need.

Competitive Edge
The Phaser 6100 has 64 MB of memory and very quiet operation. The printing standard of full duplex offers time reduction with excellent print quality at 1200 dpi Enhanced mode. It ships with everything needed to print and a 250-sheet paper tray, plus a 100-sheet multipurpose tray for any other needs.

Reducing Printing Costs
The 6100 offers high quality printing which means you can do your printing job in house, instead of sending them out to a printing company. Full duplex allows you to do two sided printing which saves on your costs of paper. The high capacity toner cartridge is designed to decrease your costs per print, and increases your uptime.

Time Saving Features
Get instant instructions onscreen with PrintingScout at any time throughout the print job so you can attend to your printer’s needs. For troubleshooting go to online tech support that will get you back on track and printing fast. Manage this printer using the CentreWare embedded web server, which allows for easy management through any web browser. Toner and routine maintenance are easily done by any user, and the high capacity toner cartridges minimize down time for toner refills.

Highest Color Quality Features
You automatically get the best results every time you print with Xerox Color Technology. There is a Color Calibration took that allows even more fine tuned color toner management. This Phaser firmware and Ultra Fine Toner deliver the most vivid and realistic colors for outstanding quality.

Printing Simplification Features
You can print more than one page on a single sheet of paper using the N-UP Printing feature. Up to 16 pages on a single sheet makes this printer environmentally friendly and reduces consumption of both ink and paper. You can feed the first page from a different tray allowing this Cover Pages feature to use different printing stock. Page separation and Collation allow you to separate print jobs with a blank sheet of paper, and they will be collated in the exact order ready for binding.

Automatic Scaling takes care fitting the job to the best size paper, and the Watermark feature allows you to print those special screened items like Draft or Confidential on the background of any or all pages of the document. The two-sided printing capability allows eliminates a reloading, and Booklet Printing allows you to reduce each page by 50% to fit two pages on a single sheet, all of them ready to fold and staple into a booklet.

When you are considering a printer for managing full color presentations, and production of printed booklets, the Xerox Phaser 6100 Printer, can deliver the desired result in a fraction of the time. With the Xerox toners and built in features of onscreen management and web browser access, this unit may be the very printer you need.

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