Real Life “Heisenberg” Caught Selling Meth in Texas

by AdamS on September 18, 2012

Viewers of AMCs critically acclaimed drama Breaking Bad have followed the main character Walter “Heisenberg” White for the past 5 years and watched as he transitioned from a cancer afflicted high school chemistry teacher to the drug kingpin he has now become.  However, this week the show was very eerily mimicked by a man in Linden Texas.  A forty-three year old chemistry teacher named William Duncan was arrested last week for selling homemade crystal meth in the parking lot of the junior high school where he taught.  Duncan was busted when he attempted to sell his homemade crystal meth to an undercover police officer in the middle of the schools playground.  The police set up the sting and several other operations to catch meth cooks like William Duncan following the rapid increase in meth related activity in the area.  The number of people going to crystal meth rehab for meth detox has grown significantly over the past few years.

Availability of Pseudoephedrine

The active chemical used to synthesize most crystal meth from home laboratories is pseudoephedrine.  Pseudoephedrine is very for meth cooks to get their hands on and is relatively cheap to buy.  Due to the high availability of the pseudo, crystal meth production has increased all over the nation.  Meth cooks like William Duncan are able to make a nice little profit from producing the drug and can create it from their own home.  Pseudoephedrine is one of the main ingredients in most over the counter cough and allergy medicines.

Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005

Lawmakers have tried to regulate the availability of pseudoephedrine and other chemicals used to synthesize crystal meth, but have recently been losing the battle. The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 made it illegal to sell over the counter medicines that contained pseudoephedrine to anyone under 18 and also limited the quantity a person could purchase at one time.  Despite the increased scrutiny surrounding the substance, the rates of meth use in the United States have nearly tripled in the past few years.  Meth cooks are finding ways to get their hands on the chemical and create meth in their own homes.

Second Breaking Bad Related Meth Bust in Past Month

William Duncan was not the first case of a person’s drug dealings that had similarities with the show on AMC.  In August a man named Walter White was arrested in Alabama for manufacturing crystal meth.  The fictional, former high school chemistry teacher, Walter White has had much more success with his own meth manufacturing business than these ‘copycats’ have had, but it seems as if even his luck is going to run out soon.

The significant rise in crystal meth production over the past few years has been a real cause of concern in the United States.  Even with legislation put in place to monitor and limit the chemical ingredients used to produce meth, somehow the number of individuals addicted to meth has increased.  More people now seek meth detoxification at meth rehab facilities than ever before. Check out for more information.

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