Renew Your United States Passport For US Nationals

by erin on June 28, 2011

A passport gives you the right to travel and show you are a citizen. It can be easy to obtain, but you will need to allow several weeks before you need to have it. The pass port renewal should be done when you have a name change, it has been lost or stolen or if it is expiring.

Entry Date

You should get this done as soon as possible if you are planning on traveling since many countries require that it be issued more then 6 months before the date of entry. If you have one expire while you are out of the US, it can cause problems leaving a foreign country and traveling anywhere else. You may also have problems trying to reenter into the US as well.

Mail Submission

You may mail your new passport renewal if you meet a list of criteria. This is a very easy solution. If you were over the age of 16 when it was issued, it was issued in the last 15 years, is in the name you legally have and have it available to be mailed with the paperwork, then mail is an option got you.

First Passport

You may have to do this in person if it is your first passport. You have to go if you are under 16 as well, or your passport was issued before you were that age. You will have to do id you do not have yours due to loss theft or damage or the one you have is more then 15 years old.

Method Options

If you mail it, you must submit the forms with your passport. It is strongly suggested you use a traceable mailing method and take steps to not have any damage to the package while in transit since they will not process it if it is damaged at all. You must also send it from the US and have it delivered to a US or Canadian address.

Passport Agency

If you go in person, you must go to an agency or facility and fill out the right forms. You need to make sure you bring all the documentation required with you; including your social security card and birth certificate as well as any other ID they want. You will need to wait to sign the forms until you are told to by an agent in your interview.

Application Fee

You must pay all the fees at the time of your application, whether you mail it or go in person. If mailed, payment must be included with the passport and paperwork, and they must be paid before you are interviewed at a facility. The fees, location of facilities, forms that must be filled out and the address to mail them are located at the government website.


If you need emergency pass port renewal while abroad, contact the local US consulate for assistance. If you need one for international travel in two weeks, or to obtain a foreign visa in 4 weeks, then contact your regional USA passport agency for assistance. These places will help you to the best of their ability in an emergency.

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