Review Of The Xerox XC33 Printer

by erin on March 5, 2010

The Xerox Corporation is internationally known for producing quality office supplies and equipment. If you are searching for a business class copier that has extensive and advanced features then you may find the Xerox XC33 printer is a model which is more than adequate for all your needs. The XC33 actually refers to a line of copiers designed by Xerox, all offer fast printing and excellent performance, especially when compared to other options in a similar price range.

If you are after a printer that can keep up with modern office demands then Xerox are a name you can trust. The XC33 has been designed for small to medium sized offices that require a high productivity, convenience, and reliability at an affordable price. As the recession has forced many companies out of businesses it is essential that you take steps to minimize your office expenses and outlay.

Choosing a printer such as the Xerox XC33 will not break the bank. Gone are the days when we would have to pay thousands of dollars for an efficient model. This excellent option can be had for less than two hundred and fifty dollars, a far cry from the two thousand dollars which it was originally sold for when first introduced to the market ten years ago. You can be sure that it is a model that will provide you with an adequate service for many years.

Though relatively slow compared to the most recent and expensive printers, the XC33 can churn out a more than adequate amount of copies per minute. The actual capacity is also shown in the model number, thirty three! Also, it uses special two sided copying which allows you to complete your work with much less effort involved; you will not have to re-feed the copies to print on the back, the machine can be set to do this automatically.

There are a host of time saving features that come with the Xerox XC33. For example, there are three paper trays, zoom enlargement and reduction, as well as eleven by seventeen inch copying. It even has a space saver design.

There are also a number of optional features you could ask for. This includes features such as an extra tray for a busier office, automatic sorting of collated sets, and of course duplexing. When you calculate the cost per copy you will see that this Xerox printer is very economical.

The XC33 is still widely available today. You can pick up a new model online through one of the countless retailers dealing in computer peripherals. If you are to order a new printer over the net then make sure that the retailer is fully clear about the configuration that you require.

Many people opt for Xerox printers as they are not only a quality product using the Xerox XC33 toner but, also because the ink cartridges are widely available. For some printers the cost of the Xerox toners can end up being a real burden, with the XC33 you will have no such problem. If you want to improve your overall office productivity then this option would be a great choice.

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