Reviewing The All-in-one Brother MFC-9120CN Printer

by erin on June 14, 2011

The goal of this article will be to review the all-in-one Brother MFC-9120CN printer. The all-in-one print device market place is a large one and there is a lot of competition. This article is going to be looking at the strong and weak points of this particular model.

Print Speed

The only real weakness that this machine has is found within its printing speed. The speed is still very good at around seventeen pages each minute. Many people will argue that the industry standard is twenty or even slightly over that. It is important to mention that the quality of the laser printed pages on this machine reach the highest level of laser quality. Surely people can be forgiving of a slight lack in speed if it means a better level of image quality.

Quality Images

Dealing with quality images really is a strong point for this machine and the scan feature should not disappoint any user. The maximum scanning resolution is around 19,200 dpi (interpolated). This means that if users take advantage of the zoom or “scan to” features, they probably will not be disappointed with the quality. Users can decide exactly what part of the document they want to do a high definition scan of.

Laser Model

More people are starting to turn to the laser models for their all-in-one device needs simply because laser prints do not carry with them the mess that often accompanies ink jobs. The laser toner that this particular model uses is one of the most commonly sold models. The device also features a clever top loading design. It should be very easy for the user to replace a cartridge.

Print Features

The printing features are pretty much standard until a user uncovers the iPrint options found on this model. The iPrint features allow users to send a print job wirelessly from their mobile device. Many home users will likely take advantage of this nice feature. Many office users are going to appreciate being able to incorporate their smart phone into their printing duties.

Device Capability

People typically expect their all-in-one type of device to send faxes as well and this machine has that capability. Where this model differs is with its special feature that allows users to send faxes from personal computers and other machines. Many people do not like the idea of having to walk over to their all-in-one each and every time they need to send a fax.


A lot of people think that “all-in-one” means that a sturdy table will have to be cleared off for installation. Once the machine is installed, it can never be moved because doing so is such a painful process. This machine has a more compact design. Many users are saying they feel as though they can place it anywhere they desire.

Honest Review

By looking at the strong and weak points alike, it is hoped that this article is able to provide an honest review of the Brother MFC-9120CN printer. The strengths of this particular model shine so bright that the weaknesses are hard to see. There are some clever and unique features offered here with the toner cartridge.

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