Roots Of Creation Science

by Bridget on September 13, 2012

When it comes to debates surrounding the origin of the universe, evolution and creationism get thrown around. Many people have heard of and are familiar with the theory of evolution, but not so familiar with creation science. So what is Creation Science, and how does it differ from evolution? Creation science is a branch of creationism, many people such as Kent Hovind and organizations try to teach people about Creation science and how it fits in with the Bible and the worldview today.

Creation Science

Creation science, also known as scientific creationism stems from creationism and provides scientific support for a creation narrative based on Genesis. This theory also disproves widely accepted scientific facts and theories regarding the history of the earth, cosmology, and the evolution of biological species. It is purely based on the Bible and is in direct contrast to science.

Creation Science Beginnings

In the 1960’s a fundamentalist Christian effort began in the United States to nullify scientific evidence for evolution. Since then it has had a wide religious following in the United States with many ministries spread worldwide. There are debates as to how and when the earth and universe were formed as well as how man came to be known as man today.

How Science Views Creation Science

Many people within the scientific community are not phased by the creation science backlash. They believe that creation science is more a religious point of view and not an actual scientific point of view. They believe that due to the lack of empirical support, it is not a valid theory or view. Creation science is also called a pseudoscientific approach as it attempts to use the Bible to explain scientific facts.

Flood Geology And Education

One of the most notable Creation science theories is what is termed “flood geology” this is linking the Biblical Genesis account of Noah’s flood to the geologic fossil record. Eventually in the 1970’s many proponents of Creation science were able to persuade school boards and lawmakers to allow the teaching of Creation science along side that of evolution. This meant that those theories taught in Christian books were then edited to take out the religious aspect and then taught alongside evolution.  However in 1982 creation science was taken out of public schools as it was deemed to lack the essential characteristics of science and its chief intent was to advance one particular religious view.

What many people fail to understand is why the theory of evolution is found to be dangerous by some and how it somehow goes against their religious ideologies.  Science and religion to do not have to be enemies, they can go together. So, what is creation science, it is an attempt to meld creation and science, but it definitely needs some fine tuning. However there are other examples of science and religion working together, take Biblical archaeology as an example; it is a science that helps authenticate Biblical stories. So why can science not aide in the belief of a deity. Evolution itself is a mind blowing concept; the idea of a deity creating a system in which species and creatures can adapt is a new environment is awe inspiring. Perhaps some day a truce will be made and science and religion can coexist in harmony as well. Creation science proponents such as Kent Hovind who is a notable math and religious studies scholar will hopefully lead the way in bridging science and religion.

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