Samsung CLP 300N – Excellent Home Use Printer

by garrett on April 28, 2009

By all available accounts and reviews, the Samsung CLP 300N printer is an excellent choice for private and home use. There are many merits to this printer. We are going to discuss both the pros and cons of it throughout the course of this article. In summary, however, people are universal in praising this model for its ability to print in black and white quite quickly. Furthermore, another plus is its easy to use design. However, if you need something that prints high quality color, you might want to consider an upgrade. Also check out Samsung CLP 300N Toner.

The real bottom line is that this compact printer is great if your needs are basic. If you simply need a good printer in your home, then this will be ideal for you. It is qualified not only as a laser printer, but also as a color laser printer. It is also incredibly inexpensive, ranging from between one hundred and twenty five dollars and two hundred and sixty nine dollars. Considering what you usually have to pay for color laser printers these days, that is certainly a steal.

Also by all accounts, Samsung’s CLP 300N is considered not only the smallest and most compact color laser printer currently on the market, it is also considered one of, if not the, most affordable of these models. It is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space and whose printing needs are basic.

As mentioned several times thus far, this printer is very compact. One might even go so far as to say that it is small. The configuration of its toner cartridges are considered very unique. It is only a little less than fifteen and a half inches wide, thirteen and a half inches tall, and a little less than ten and a half inches deep. It thus comes as no surprise that it weighs little more than thirty pounds.

The printer comes with a single paper tray, able to hold up to one hundred and fifty sheets of paper – or any number of other documents. It is able to print out a variety of different sized papers. You can print standard three by five index cards as well as legal sized sheets of paper. It is also easy to feed single sheets of paper into the printer.

The control panel should be easy to use, simply because it is not at all complicated. You will be able to make most changes through the handy Samsung Smart Panel, which will be installed onto your computer when you do the set up for this printer. Otherwise, there is a button for canceling jobs along with four LEDs, in color, designed to keep you informed about how you are doing with toner.

This model comes with a 300MHz processor and it features sixty four megabytes of memory. In addition, this printer comes with the inclusion of a 10/100 Ethernet connector, which makes handling networked printing quite easy.

All told, this printer is ideal both for private use and for smaller offices. It handles basic printing quite well. The set up easy and it does not take up much space at all. As well, you can rely on the Samsung CLP 300N toner for all of your cartridge needs.

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