Samsung CLP 500 – Bring On The Prints

by garrett on April 21, 2009

The Samsung CLP 500 printer is a great machine as long as you stay within its capabilities. Though this printer is marketed, as being for small offices it really is best suited for home and family use. The paper output is not very high as the input and output trays hold only 250 sheets of paper. The reason it is not really suited for small businesses is that the Samsung CLP 500 printer does not have any small networking capabilities, but it does have great Samsung CLP 500 toner.

This printer is fairly heavy when fully loaded weighing about 35kg. So once you have it in place and set up it is best to leave it in that spot. It is a very fast printer and can print 20 pages per minute when printing in black and white and 5 pages per minute when printing in color.

However when printing at the highest quality in color the printing speed decreases to 2 pages per minute. There are seven buttons on the machine that control the printer and make navigation of options very simple to access and use.

The printer can be connected to your computer using a parallel port or USB cable, though the USB cable is not provided with the printer. For an additional cost you can have Ethernet and wireless networking added though you may as well upgrade to the Samsung CLP 500N printer if you want these. However the printer will do double sided printing, which may be a good option instead of having wireless networking options. It can be connected to a PC of Mac computer.

This printer is exceptional if you do a lot of graphics printings as the graphics produced are better and crispers then the text. The text tends to be a bit pale and lacking in crispness when compared to photos and line art. This is also the same when comparing the color printing. However this will not make much of a difference if you are using it for daily home use.

The Samsung CLP 500 printer uses a 4-color toner system. However the starter toner that comes with the printer only lasts for about 2,000 pages so it is recommended that you purchase a full six toner when purchasing the printer. The full size toner will last for between 7,500 – 9,000 pages. The memory can be expanded to 192MB though the standard memory that comes with the printer is 65 MB.

The largest page size that the printer prints on is 8.5 inches in width and 14 inches in length. The printing resolution is 12000 x 12000 dpi and can print on recycled paper, postal card paper, plain paper, labels, transparencies, and envelopes. It is compatible with the following operating systems, SuSe Linux, TurboLinux, Red Hat Linux, Apple MacOS 8.6 or later, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95 or later, Caldera Open Linux, Slackware Linux, Debian Linux, and Linux Mandrake.

The Samsung CLP 500 printer is one of the quietest in its class and provides excellent and fast printing quality. It is recommended to purchase a Samsung CLP 500 printer toner to have on hand when the starter toner runs out. All in all a great printer for home use and small offices as it works with many Linux operating systems. For more information, check out our site

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