Samsung CLX 2160N – A Small Multi-FUNction Laser Printer

by garrett on April 28, 2009

Compact style- The Samsung CLX 2160N printer is the smallest multi function laser printer on the market measuring a mere 16x14x13 inches and weighing in at a rather heavy 37 Pounds. The machine although small in size, is big in value considering that most multi-function laser’s retail for US$ 500+ while this cute little grafter is a very affordable US$380.00. The printer is ideal for clutter-free spaces where small footprint is required. Also check out Samsung CLX 2160N Toner.

Print quality- Print quality in general is poor and really below average. Text printing is thick reminding you of felt pen writing. Characters have jagged edge appearance. Photo print quality is even worse with fuzziness and a serious lack of sharp detail and smearing in terms of text over colour prints. The ink colours self are lovely and vibrant. However good ink means nothing when print quality is of the standard it is with this printer. Colour prints are produced at 4 pages per minute and text or graphics prints at 16 pages per minute at 2400×600 resolutions. Warm-up time is minimal with first page production for text under 18 seconds and colour 26 seconds. The machine produces an impressive 16 pages per minute in mono and 4 pages per minute colour in terms of copying. Unfortunately, photo copies have a cartoon appearance.

Paper- The printer comes standard with a very limited 150 sheet paper tray. Media types accepted by the printer include Plain, pre-punched, glossy and recycled paper, envelopes, labels and cards. The maximum media size compatible with the tray is legal.

Systems- All major operating systems are compatible with the printer including Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. This is good news for especially Apple Mac users who often encounter system and printer compatibility problems.

Warranty- A 12 month warranty comes standard with your purchase. However you should keep in mind that labour and parts coverage is limited. Use only genuine Samsung consumables and ensure that dealers are approved to conduct repairs or service to the printer as this can have a possible negative impact on your warranty if person is unauthorised.

Connections- The printer comes standard with the latest interface technology in the form of USB 2.0 as well as Ethernet 10/100 Base TX connectivity. USB cable is not included so make sure that you order yours well in advance to enable you to connect and use your printer immediately after setup.

Con’s- A major disadvantage to the printer is its paper jam tendency. This is a very time consuming problem as you are often required to dismantle the whole printer to fix the jam. Jams can be avoided by leaving prints in output tray for a while after production and by keeping the paper tray full. Avoid over filling the tray as this can also cause jams.

Toner- Starter Samsung CLX 2160N toner is included with your purchase, with an estimated 1500 black and 700 colour page print capacity. Replacement cartridges have a 2000 page black and 1000 page colour capacity. Machine consumables are four toner drums, waste toner bottle and image unit.

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