Samsung ML 1250 – The Home-Level Office

by garrett on April 30, 2009

Samsung ML 1250 Printer

Samsung ML 1250 Printer

The Samsung ML 1250 printer – Samsung ML 1250 Toner combo works well for the home-level office, without doubt. This mono laser printer is not a networkable unit, but it’ll be more than adequate for just about any desktop application in that same home office, linked as it will be a single personal computer or Mac on the desk, or to a laptop.

The ML 1250 printer comes standard with a USB and a legacy serial parallel printer port capability. There is no Ethernet or wireless connectivity, but for the price and the features, USB should be sufficient for most home environments. USB and serial cables are not provided as standard equipment, though. Be prepared to spend additional money for one or the other, or both.

Print output for this small desk-type mono laser printer is adequate, at 12 pages per minute. The 1200 dots-per-inch resolution is also an improvement from the 600dpi resolution of the printer it replaced. It can be reduced all the way down to 300dpi, if needed. Also, keep in mind that printer speeds will vary in accordance with the graphics and text richness of the print job being sent to the Samsung.

The Samsung ML 1250 printer comes standard with 4 MB of installed memory which can be upgraded to a full 68 MB. This should be sufficient to handle just about any printing job given to it in the home office or personal use environment, even posters, card stock or transparencies. It’s also a more energy-efficient printer model than the one it was built to replace.

This unit was made to accommodate most any Windows operating system — in addition to Mac and Linux — adding to its flexibility. It holds a standard 150 sheets of paper on the printer uses a vertical cassette to feed paper down and into the unit. This makes it look like a fax machine or an old-style ink jet printer. It also makes it extremely lightweight and portable, which is a big plus.

The printer’s control panel is very user-friendly and intuitive to handle. One of the buttons is a Toner Save function, which can help to cut down on the rate of toner usage when resolution and extreme darkness of the print is not that much of a concern. This makes for a good, cost-saving measure.

The Samsung ML 1250 toner cartridge is good for about 2,500 pages before needing replacement. If just pages of text are printed, the unit should deliver on that promised number. If graphics-heavy jobs are the norm, then expect the toner to deliver less capacity.

In almost all cases, the Samsung ML 1250 printer and Samsung ML 1250 toner cartridge work well together as a team, delivering smooth performance at a low price. The unit makes for a good addition to any home office, with a duty cycle of about 12,000 pages per month delivering good durability and long life. In fact, the printer is rated for about 50,000 sheets of life before requiring extensive maintenance or replacement.

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