Samsung ML 2250 – An Easy And Affordable Office Solution

by garrett on April 22, 2009

The Samsung ML-2250 is an affordable laser printer for the home or small office. This small footprint laser printer won’t take up much desktop space and the ability to print at 17 ppm provides rapid output. The 2250 sheet paper tray provides an ample amount of stock for most printing jobs. Also check out Samsung ML 2250 toner.

The ML-2250 incorporates low initial cost along with a low cost per page output. The ML-2250 has both parallel and USB ports included standard. Both network and WI-Fi cards are available as add on options for this machine.

While the 2250 sheet paper tray is supplied as a standard item, an additional 2250 sheet tray is available as an option. The manual feed tray can be lowered from the front of the printer and a 50 sheet supply can be placed there. This manual feed tray can also be utilized for envelopes or other media. With 550 sheets of stock available, the ML-2250 can accomplish any print job quickly and easily at 17 ppm. Print quality is variable from 600 X 600 dpi to 1200 X 1200 dpi.

The ML-2250 may not have all the bells and whistles that other printers supply, but the more than reasonable cost when combined with high quality printer output provides economies of scale for the home office. Many home offices do not need all of the options and capabilities that other laser printers provide. The ML-2250 provides an economy printer that can fit into any home office.

Samsung has designed the ML-2250 with both the toner and drum built into the same cartridge. This combination insures that the print quality stays constant as both the toner and drum expire at the same time. The standard toner/drum cartridge supplied by Samsung has the capacity to print 5000 pages. Many manufacturers supply a “starter” drum with less capacity in their printers.

The printer driver is easily installed on the Windows platform and all the “normal” functions, watermarks, overlays and multi page printing are supplied. Should the home office be utilizing a Linux platform, drivers for this platform are supplied also. The only drawback to the ML-2250 is the lack of duplex printing. Should both sides of the page need to be printed, the paper will have to be reinserted with the correct side up.

The ML-2250 has an option in its menu for toner saver. The toner saver function provides a lower amount of toner to the printed page. This is a value when the printed copy is going to be used for in house review and a high quality printed page is unnecessary.

The Samsung ML-2250 fits a precise need in the home office. A somewhat basic machine that is economical to operate ($0.015/ page) that provides rapid clear print quality. The ML-2250 may not provide all of the options that are on other printers, however the initial cost of the printer reflects its economy. A single toner/drum cartridge reduces the amount of consumables that are required to be maintained on hand and this further reduces the cost of operating the ML-2250. The ML-2250 is a worthy candidate for use in the home office. For more information, check out our site

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