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by adam on April 28, 2009

The Samsung ML 3050 printer and Toner make for a good unit in a surprisingly inexpensive laser printer that’s designed to be integrated into a workgroup. It combines that small price in a laser monochrome unit that’s also smallish in size and easy to move about an office, if need be.

The ML 3050 has good print speed, at 28 pages per minute of output. It also has a 30 ppm print speed with Letter A-size paper stock. Its print resolution is equally as good 1200 dots per inch, which allows it to deliver print pages that are crisp and clean. There is no visible smearing, bleariness or smudging of any page, either.

This laser printer can be integrated into the workgroup via use of a USB or parallel serial port, which is older-style, but adaptable for older legacy-type systems. It does not come equipped with newer Base-TX 10/100 Ethernet or wireless 802.11 standard interfaces, but this is probably not that big a concern to the kind of smaller workgroups for which the ML 3050 is designed.

The unit has good versatility when it comes to the use of various Windows and Linux operating systems, including Red Hat and Fedora. It is also operable with Mac OSs and is certified for today’s Windows Vista systems. This kind of interfacing ability is sure to please just about any IT professional seeking a small laser printer for a tightly-knit workgroup.

Standard installed memory for the Samsung ML 3050 is 16MB, which can be upgraded to 272MB maximum. For just about any networked workgroup, this memory will be more than sufficient for just about any print job, including graphics-intensive and text-laden documents or files. This unit could also serve as a stand-alone printer in a home office, which is a definite plus.

The printer comes with adequate internal paper storage capacity, at 300 sheets. If other output trays are included, there are a total of 550 sheets, which puts the Samsung ML 3050 in a nice league of printers that cost double or triple what the Samsung lists for. With a monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages, durability is one of this printer’s strong points, meaning the maintenance person will not be seen in the office too often.

The Samsung ML 3050 toner cartridge comes supplied with the laser printer. It’s good for up to 4,000 pages of print output before it needs to be swapped out and a new one inserted. There’s a higher capacity unit also available which can double the print output to over 8,000 pages. Again, if the majority of the jobs are graphics-rich, expect fewer copies.

Both the Samsung ML 3050 printer and the Samsung ML 3050 toner work well as a team. The unit itself puts out crisp and clear copies at a good rate of speed – up to 28ppm, in some cases. With adequate paper holding capacity and good memory and interoperability, there’s not much to dislike about the unit.

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