Samsung ML 4500 – Your Office Will Be Glad

by adam on April 22, 2009

The ML 4500 Printer from Samsung is actually quite a decent piece of machinery. Printers can get quite expensive and end up not performing as well as you intended. It all comes down to print quality, cost of available and necessary parts, ink etc. If these features and costs outweigh the overall quality of the printer no one is going to want to purchase it. You will find however that the Samsung ML 4500 Printer is definitely worth the cost.

This printer is actually one of the cheaper laser printers available. However, don’t let this fool you it actually offers some of the best and most interesting features. Not to mention a low cost per page and a good print quality. These features alone should be reason enough to purchase the Samsung ML 4500 Printer.

One of the greatest included features of this printer is its quick and easy installation guide. This guide will be able to help users of any computer level to be able to connect and install their printer correctly. Especially those that maybe haven’t set up or installed their own printer before. Having a guide like this can be extremely useful and quite helpful.

Not to mention it also comes with Linux drivers so it is adaptable to different environments depending on which OS you happen to be running. The printer itself offers a standard port connector and a custom installation program that works quickly and avoids major setup problems.

The complete package for the Samsung ML 4500 Printer doesn’t actually run you to high cost wise. The price per page is typically below three cents. This really isn’t a bad price. The printer life is said to be around 50,000 pages. This printer is definitely a good deal for the home or small business owners. The original Samsung ML 4500 Toner is also at a reasonable price typically found at around $60.00 dollars. This printer as well only uses a one toner cartridge which helps to reduce the overall price of the system.

Another great feature of the Samsung ML 4500 Printer is that it stands up, which reduces the area that the printer itself takes up. This is always an important feature for those that have to find a way to reduce the amount of space that they have available.

There are also several areas available on the printer for paper storage, along with a manual feed tray that allows the paper to be fed through the front of it. This allows for the paper to appear less curved than if fed regularly through the printer. This is a good point to consider if you find that your finished printing isn’t lying flat enough.

Also like previously mentioned the Samsung ML 4500 Toner can be purchased for this printer set up as well. In fact it is encouraged to purchase this toner with the printer so the products don’t get in the way of correct and proper usage of the printer. The toner cartridge is not an overly expensive investment and again is highly recommended when considering the Samsung ML 4500 Printer.

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