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by adam on April 21, 2009

Even though we have seen great reductions in the footprint of most electronic devices in recent times, PC, mobile phones and televisions included. We have been yet to see printers designed with this in mind. Most of them still tend to be bulky lumps of plastic which appear to have been assembled cheaply. At least this has been the case until the Samsung SCX 4500 printer, which uses the Samsung SCX 4500 Toner, was produced.

Although this is more than likely less true in the case of laser printer, it certainly applies to color inject printers that come in below $100 and have almost become disposable, rather than replace the ink cartridges. Samsung is not a manufacturer that operates in this way fortunately, and although their equipment is easily affordable, they have also been intent on improving their quality of design.

The Samsung SCX 4500 multifunction printer is a case in point, and really fits the profile of the “coolness factor”. It is a slimmed down, full feature, full functionality but powerful marvel of electronics design. It is a slim 13 x 15.5, x 6.5″ with a stylish exterior. It is simple to operate and incredibly quiet. In fact you are barely able to hear it when it is printing.

This MFP features touch sensitive controls, however some of the settings are limited. The software application for scanning and some of the printer functions is SmartThru and installation to Windows XP is a very simple process. Just make sure you have a USB cable, if you don’t you will have to buy one, but if you have an old printer you can use the cable from that. It takes about five minutes to set up and is ready to work. A printed page can be copied in about 10 seconds and there is very little warm up time required.

Although the paper cassette is hidden in the bottom of the printer it has a limited capacity, but if you want a printer with a small footprint, what more can you expect. Print quality is reasonable, but considering the $300 or so price tag of this laser printer, this is to be expected.

Grey-scale printing is more than passable and the scanner function although slow is a good quality optical resolution at 600 x 2400 dpi. Toner plugs are also easy to remove and install.

The Samsung SCX-4500 is a more than adequate printer for home use, but it is not recommend it as a networked printer for office work, it does not have a built in Ethernet. Although if everyone in the office has their own printer, it is also fine. Users are also not able to print from a USB drive and it does not have a card reader. It is also not terribly fast at 16 pages per minute out-put, which places it behind some of the competition. However these slight flaws are easily overlooked as this MFP is so stylish, and sometimes style demands certain trade-offs.

Summary: The Samsung SCX 4500 printer is very cool and the design overshadows many of the limitations in functionality. If you are looking for a printer that does not look like a printer, then you are onto a good thing with this machine. For maximum efficiency, you do have to make sure that you use Samsung SCX 4500 toner plugs and this will ensure the best quality of print as well as keep your stylish new printer reliable. For more information, visit

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