What You Can Do To Save Money While On Vacation

by erin on June 8, 2010

Sometimes you just need a vacation, but the costs for these vacations can be pretty scary. However, a vacation doesn’t have to leave you and your family destitute. More affordable travel options have been hitting the market, among which is the passport card. The passport card is a much more affordable alternative to the regular passport. The card grants access to many areas around the United States, but only by land and sea. You can even secure your family’s passports from your own house. Passport card online applications are available that make getting passports easier than ever.

Staying with friends or family while on vacation is probably one of the absolute best things you can do to protect your bank account. Think about it: vacation funds generally go to lodging and food the most. If you stay with a friend or family member, it is possible to almost or even avoid these costs entirely. Also, staying with a local who knows the area really well presents an opportunity to have the best sort of travel guide, all for free.

When deciding on the date and time of your trip, try to remain as flexible as possible. Often, you can save a nice bit of money simply by flying a day earlier than you had planned. Also, your plane will probably have less people on it. Take the time to look at other airports as well. Sometimes, the combined savings of airline tickets at another airport greatly outweighs the cost of gas to get there. If you plan on traveling to a different country, ensure everyone has a passport. If not, invest in a passport renewal for yourself and a child passport renewal for the kids.

Never disregard driving as a viable option. Although the thought might make you want to cry, a simple search online can arm you with lots of great activities and ideas that will keep your kids happy and your sanity intact. Compare the prices of all the airline tickets with the cost of gas that you will use when getting to and from your destination. Often, you will find that the cost of the gas is much, much lower than plane tickets, making dealing with impatient kids a little more worth it.

I’ve heard from many sources that calling a hotel directly and asking for their lowest rate can save you a lot of money. This rate is often much cheaper than the rate displayed online or in brochures, and you don’t have anything to lose by calling. Also check for coupons online for hotels in the area. Also think about maybe downgrading your hotel rating. A three star hotel doesn’t differ very much from a two star hotel, but it can save you a lot of money.

You don’t need to sell your limbs in order to be able to enjoy a vacation with your family. Various opportunities present themselves while on vacation to save money, and being able to recognize them and take advantage of them can help you stay on budget. A good way to start is by picking up passport cards instead of passports. Go online and fill out a passport card application online for everyone in your family. Or, if you’re going overseas, invest in adult and child’s passport renewal for your family, which have also gotten easier thanks to online access. Vacations are a great way to share quality memories with your family, and they don’t need to leave a hole in your pocket.

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