Seven Guidelines For Taking Care Of A Rush Passport

by erin on May 4, 2011

A person might find themselves in need of a rush passport in the event they have lost or misplaced their normal travel documents. It is possible to apply for one within a short period of time. However, an individual might find it beneficial to establish whether they really need one for their trip. There are countries that do not require travelers to have such papers.

Travel Pass

If you find that you are supposed to have a travel pass to travel to a given destination, it is important to apply for one early enough. Get the necessary documents together as well as the required fee and make sure that you have obtained the correct application forms. This helps you to get the application process going which makes it possible for you to get your travel papers in good time.

Emergency Application

Emergency passport application forms are different in that the information requested is unique. Be sure to provide the correct details and make sure that the information can be verified. After you have completed filling the form, be sure to go through it a second time to check that all the details are true and correct.

Application Forms

It is a good idea to sign the application forms before sending them to passport services. The same should be done on the check to be sent together with the application forms. This helps the relevant authorities to identify them easily in the event you want to know how the process is coming along. Signing the forms can also help to identify them in case they are misplaced or mixed up with other papers.

Secure Place

It is important to find a safe and secure place to store your travel papers. Do not leave them in your luggage, back-packs or hand bags. These items easily get lost or misplaced when one is traveling. One should get a small pouch or wallet for keeping such papers. You can keep them on a money belt or any other safe place. Do not leave such papers lying around in hotel rooms or in your car.

Travel Documents

An individual should pay attention to and also be aware of their actions when moving around in a foreign place. It is not wise to place your travel documents on hotel or bar tables. They can be easily stolen or even forgotten in such places. One should consider getting safe storage for such items if they are not too sure about their security.

Emergency Passport

If you are on a trip with several other people, make sure that every person is in charge of their emergency passport. It is much easier for an individual to look out for their own papers than for a person to keep travel papers for every member in the group. However, this can be done for children, the elderly or for people who are sick.

Legitimate Proof

One should only produce their rush passport to a legitimate person or an individual who has the mandate to ask for such documents. If you are not too sure about producing your US passport to a second party, you can kindly request them to show you proof of identification.

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