Sharp AL-800 Printer – This Printer Never Fails

by garrett on September 16, 2009

In your home or small business office you need a printer that is going to hold up under pressure and print reliably every time.  You need the Sharp AL-800.  With the ability to perform quickly, this printer is being called awesome and with the Sharp AL-800 printer cartridge providing crystal clear prints, it’s no wonder!

The AL-800 consists of the tools you need to print off some of the most impressive letters that appear like they are professionally done. The printer has the ability to print off a quick 13 pages per minute. You will notice that all of the pages are exceptionally clear and outstanding looking in appearance.

The pages come out with no smudges or anything of the sort thanks to the Sharp AL-800 toner. The resolution on this printer is extremely high so everything is apparent on the printed page to the naked eye.

The printer is actually a lot smaller then most printers as well. It fills the old adage that great things truly do come in smaller packages.

You will be able to obtain this printer for yourself at an exceptionally low price as well. Most of the printers are being sold for around $70.00 a piece. This price is fairly low for the great job that this printer does. The printer also has another great addition in that it comes equipped with a copier resting on top of it.

Basically you are given the option to copy or print off anything that you may stand in need of and ensure that it looks exceptional. The large compartment that holds the paper is big so you don’t have to worry about refilling the printer after every big print job.

This Sharp printer uses Sharp AL-800 toner instead of ink. Toner is allowed to last a lot longer and prints out more concise prints when utilized. You will be able to print out jaw dropping graphic pages or simple text documents without any problems.

If you have an interest in starting your own home business, then this is the printer that you need to think about utilizing for it. The Sharp AL-800 printer is more then enough to meet all of your office needs. The printer will continue to prove itself every time that you need it.

The printer is small in stature as was noted before. It weighs in at 24 lbs. and stands about 9 inches tall. The printer has been getting nothing but optimum reviews as far as its performance and the way it handles itself are concerned.

The Sharp Al 800 printer comes equipped with step-by-step instructions when you are setting it up. The instruction manual is easy enough for everyone to follow and will allow you the opportunity to begin utilizing your printer in no time at all.

People seem to be rushing to obtain this great printer and it deserves every ounce of attention it is getting.  With the Sharp AL-800 toner providing outstanding prints in both text and graphics, it is meeting the needs of the smaller user.  No need to worry about replacing the Sharp cartridge.  When you are ready to order, Qtoner is available with outstanding prices and quick shipping.  It’s so great that a company like Sharp has provided such an impressive printer for such an affordable price.

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