Sharp AL 840 Printer – A Quality Printer

by garrett on September 25, 2009

The Sharp AL 840 printer using Sharp AL 840 printer cartridge is an impressive machine that is turning heads out there. This printer has such a cool design that will not be an eyesore in the office. It will tuck away nice and neat on almost any standard size desk you have in your office. It is not too big and bulky like they used to make printers.

I did a bit of browsing around the Internet to find the price range for this Sharp printer and the result is not bad. In fact I was very impressed that one can get this beauty for only $450. This is quite a cheap price for all the advantages that it packs.

The copies that the Sharp AL 840 printer produces are of a high quality with the Sharp AL 840 toner. The resolution is so high that they may as well have been the originals and not the copies. This is one of the ways that this printer has managed to chokehold the market today. In other words the pictures are sharp!

With the AL 840 you will be impressed by the speed at which it churns out those copies. In one minute the printer can produce eight copies. In one hour the printer can do close to five hundred copies. This dwarfs most of the other printers that are currently in the market.

The Sharp AL 840 printer has a large tray for loading the blank sheets of paper. It can take up to two hundred and fifty sheets of paper at max capacity. This gives you the advantage of not always worrying if you are going to run out of paper smack in the middle of your urgent printing job.

Another ace card in that the AL 840 printer’s deck is its simplistic design. It is manufactured in a way that any layman can use it. It does not have any ambiguous features that leave you standing there wondering what to do next. You buy it and it’s plug and go.

The Sharp AL 840 printer digitally scans the image first before it begins making copies. You can then take out the original because it has stored this image in its memory. You can leave it then printing this image while you go back to working on the same document.

The dual port of the AL 840 allows it to be hooked up to two different computers simultaneously. This comes in very handy in those offices with more than one workstation. You do not have to always leave your computer and go and start the printing process on another person’s computer. You simply press your print document and head for the copies at the printer.

When left to idle, the Sharp AL 840 will automatically switch itself off. This helps keep your electricity bills lower than if you were to just leave a printer on all day doing nothing. In addition to being a money saver, the AL 840 will also be doing its part in energy consumption.

Last but not least with the Sharp AL 840 is its dual functionality. It is a printer and a copier rolled into one. This means that in the corner of the office where you would have two machines you will only have one sleek gadget instead.

Consistently gorgeous prints are available with the use of Sharp AL 840 toner.  As easy as it is to operate this printer, obtaining replacement Sharp cartridge is just as simple.  Ordering from Qtoner, a premier online supplier, will ensure terrific prices to add to your savings.  Combining the two you have a printer that will work like a charm in your office setting.

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